Apply a plaster strip to the plaster finishes

Liquid applied plaster must be attached to windows, soffits and doors at the end edge. In the building materials trade and in hardware stores plastic cleaning strips are available. By attaching a plasterboard not only frames and sills outside and inside are protected. It also serves as an aid for attaching tarpaulin.

T-shaped profile with sacrificial lip

When plastering many end edges for the plaster surface. Roof approach, windows, doors and soffits outside and inside form the most common interruptions of the wall surface. In order not to let the plaster fall directly onto wooden and plastic frames, window sills and eaves, a plaster molding strip is applied.

A plaster molding consists of a rectangular profile that forms a mechanical barrier for the plaster. He "hugs" along the edge, which protrudes as high as the thickness of the plaster layer. Depending on the place of use, the height of the plaster strip is selected according to the thickness of the external plaster or for the interior plaster. Also available are plaster strips with a slightly insulating effect due to filled insulation channels in the interior.

Shape and installation of plasterboard

Most plaster strips consist of a T-shaped plastic profile. A wing or a lip of the T is connected by perforated punching with the remaining profile. The strip is attached "upside down" to the plaster edge and fastened in a few steps:

1. The plasterboard is cut with scissors to the appropriate length
2. The lip, which is firmly connected to the Winkelsteg, serves as a mounting side
3. On the back of the protective tape is peeled off and exposed the self-adhesive surface
4. The bar is pressed at a vertical course at the bottom and a horizontal course on one side slightly and punctiform
5. With a spirit level, the bar is aligned and pressed over the entire surface
6. The perforated lip protrudes on the side facing away from the plaster and serves as a self-adhesive Befestigungsigug a tarpaulin after removing the protective tape
7. The plaster is applied "schmiegend" on the plaster molding
8. After drying the plaster, the perforated lip is broken off by kinking

Tips & Tricks

You can use plaster moldings with attached mesh in grid form. For many types of plaster that facilitates the maintenance of the fresh plaster and also stabilizes the edges of the plaster, for example against the effects of the weather.

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