An exotic beauty

Anthurium: anthurium

This unusual plant appears at first glance like a flower: The rich, varied colors and the unusual shape give Anthurie its extraordinary character. She becomes the Eye catcher on every windowsill and stays well with moderate care long.

Anthurium can be used as a cut flower for fancy bouquets selected or as a potted plant in the interior as well as being kept in the garden. Both as well as - the anthurium provides stimulating conversation, because it separates the spirits: Either you love the exotic, or can not imagine anything less attractive.

Anthuriums are mostly known only with their knallroten bracts, However, the variety of colors has widened over the years. Now there is thanks targeted breeding the tropical plants from white to green up to different shades of pink.

The striking bracts of anthurium are often referred to as flowering. This is not true, because at the actual flowers are the small pimples on the anthurium.

The anthuriums stand for strength and masculinityTherefore, the ornamental plants are often the first choice as an individual flower gift for men.

Here you will find important information about the care of the Anthurie as Cut plant or potted plant.

Cultivate the anthurium as a cut flower

Anthurium: plants

The anthuriums are available in many new breeds

Anthuriums are popular cut flowers, because of their fashionable appearance they always shine in the environment, This way named flamingo plants are relatively persistent: With a good care they can bloom for up to six weeks, The following care instructions should be observed:

  1. Before placing the flowers in a vase, the style must be cut at an angle to promote the supply of water.
  2. The water in the vase must be changed regularly, so that the flowers stay beautiful for several weeks.
  3. The ideal location of the vase is far away from sources of heat, even direct sunlight should be avoided.

Maintain anthuriums as a potted plant

Anthurium: care

Anthurium can be kept as a potted plant or alternatively in the bed

The advantage of the Anthurie lies in its year-round flowering, but the most beautiful it blooms from February to May. The exotic flower can with good care to thrive for a long time and stay freshPotted plants, of course, generally have a significantly higher life expectancy than a cut flower.

Nevertheless, the Anthurie is quite demanding in their care:

Since it is a houseplant, it needs a high humidity from at least 18° C.

To make this possible, there are two "alternatives": Either one leaves on the Growing soil in pot of moss or man wraps the root neck with moss and spray it regularly.

Incidentally, it would be beneficial the leaves (but not the bracts!) in to moisten at regular intervals, Furthermore, it is advantageous for a longer shelf life, in addition to the flower pot to provide a bowl of water.

The Humidity must be guaranteed be, otherwise the plant is no longer available Protected against pests and diseases, In the event of pest infestation, the tropical plant must be sprayed with chemical agents suitable for home use.

Expert tip: the right freshness test for anthuriums

The anthurium indicates with its pimples on the anthesis whether and how fresh it is. If the pimples are already well developed, this means that the plant has been blooming for a longer time. If the pimples are still smooth and yellowish, it can be concluded that the flower is still very fresh and young.

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