Painting a home - ideas for modern wall designs

The wall paint and the wall design have a significant influence on the spatial effect. They also clearly determine the effect of the respective furnishing style. Some ideas for a creative wall designs in the apartment keeps this guide ready.

Modern and innovative wall designs

  • Balance room effect
  • Mediterranean style
  • Minimalist

Balance room effect

Colors significantly influence the visual effect of a room. Thus, the spatial conditions in the apartment can be well balanced.

High ceilings

Rooms with high ceilings often occur in old buildings. If the ceilings are painted in a darker shade than the walls, they look visibly lower.

Too dark shades on the ceiling can be overwhelming.

Create cozy, cozy rooms

Conversely, if the walls are painted in a darker shade than the ceiling, they look visually tighter and more comfortable.

Balancing long spaces

For long, narrow rooms, the spatial effect can be compensated for by painting the front side darker.

Enlarge small rooms

Vertical stripes increase small, narrow spaces. Interesting here can also be tone-on-tone designs or strips of different widths in the individual rooms.

Walls in concrete look

The very clearly structured concrete look is produced in a two-layer process. The first step is to apply a putty knife and smooth it with a special smoother. As a finish, an effect filler is applied over it and also smoothed.

Concrete look is well suited for minimalist rooms, and for all rooms in which a particularly clear, simple design language predominates in the furnishing.

Mediterranean style

A Mediterranean design of the apartment can be achieved through the use of earthy tones and the use of wiping optics structures.

A good balance of base color and top coat ensures a high-quality ambience. The coarser the wiping-optics structure on the large walls, the more rustic the apartment looks.


Minimalism is also trendy at the facilities. To furniture with a clear, simple design fit well wall designs in concrete look.

Large, monochrome wall surfaces that are only loosened up by individual large ornaments or Farbtuper are also suitable. A uniform, subtle hue that runs through the entire apartment is particularly minimalist.

Tips & Tricks

A uniform design of the walls in each room makes an apartment appear more harmonious and rounded.

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