Apple and Smart Home

Today, the smart home is already an integral part of many homes and apartments. The reason is simple. Thanks to the networking of different devices, it is easier to live. Apple has also recognized this trend and developed a system that includes many components. But which devices can be controlled with it and what is important to pay attention to.

These devices can be integrated

The scope of the Smart Homes created by Apple is large and varied. Simple tasks such as the switching on and off of lights, heaters or fans are just as possible as the smart control of surveillance cameras. Last can even be viewed from anywhere thanks to the Home App. When the doorbell rings, even though nobody is home, the owner gets a signal. Then he can use the app and see through the cameras, who wants to enter his property. Also remotely, many of the modern kitchen appliances can be controlled. Whether preheating the oven or making coffee - all these operations can be started remotely using an app.

Apple and Smart Home: apple

The use of smart technology knows hardly any limits.

If you opt for the smart home system from Apple, which encounters other technical aspects that many systems do not own. Thus, high-quality and electrically controlled windows can just as easily be controlled with the help of the home app as the front door. The HomeKit can be controlled in many different ways. There is the possibility of control via key input, but also by voice input via Apple's language assistant Siri. In this way, for example, garage doors can be opened in the future without the driver of the car having to get out or take his smartphone in his hand. A simple request to Siri is then enough.

In the future, it is expected that there will be more and more devices that are compatible with the app and the kit. This is due in particular to the fact that Apple user base has meanwhile a very large influence on the market and is thus important for many enterprises.

How are devices integrated?

In order to integrate compatible devices in the home app, it requires a prerequisite. For smartphones or tablets, for example, the operating system iOS 8.1 or a newer version is needed.

Apple and Smart Home: devices

Even with extensive options, the app remains easy to set up.

The integration of the devices themselves is very simple, because Apple has put great emphasis on ease of use in the development. For example, if you want to integrate a smart light, you only need to activate Bluetooth and the app. Within a few seconds, the app then scans the building for smart devices and lists them. After selecting the appropriate device, the app guides the user through the installation step by step.

However, anyone who is interested in using the home kit in their own home should pay particular attention to one aspect. Compatible are only components that have been certified by Apple.

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