Apple Market Schedule 2010: Apple markets are in high season

Apple Market Schedule 2010: Apple markets are in high season: high

An apple farmer at the apple market (Photo: Exactly your fruit)

From north to south, numerous apple markets attract visitors to a rendezvous with the German favorite fruit

Finally - the apple season has started! The big apple harvest was started in August with the early varieties, from mid-August the well-known apple varieties such as Elstar, Golden Delicious and Jonagold ripen.This is an opportunity to get more involved with the Germans favorite fruit, for example with a visit to one of the many apple markets, which exists at this time in Germany.

The apple markets in Germany take place from the beginning of September to the end of October. Every weekend and beyond, the apple is celebrated. Here is a selection of markets from different regions:

1.9. 30.11.2010: Altländer apple days

Do not bite into every apple right away... it should be from the Old Country! Under this overall motto, the farmers of the Altbau could put their actions to the Altländer apple days. Because their concern is, as representative of all 1,200 fruit farmers on the Lower Elbe, to inform visitors about the how, when, what and why of the integrated cultivation of apples in the Old Land. For fun and games is taken care of, no one remains hungry and thirsty. The organizers have come up with a lot about the apple!


3.9. 5.9.2010: Aplerbecker apple market in Dortmund

At this traditional folk festival, various clubs present creative recipes, with the apple always in focus. Of course there is an apple tasting and lots of information about the apple varieties. While the children have fun on the merry-go-rounds, the grown-ups can stroll around the farmers' market or listen to the stage program.

18. 19.9.2010: North German Apple Days in Ammersbek

One of the most important growing areas for apples is in northern Germany - so it is celebrated here too! The North German Apple Days are under the motto "Apple and Health" this year. During exciting lectures, visitors can learn about "Doctor Apfel". If you can not just listen, you can take a look at an apple variety exhibition with more than 200 varieties or have your pomegranate determine its apples. Action is provided by the Steinzeitstand, where everyone can make their own tools, as well as cooking together and baking with apples. Of course, the juicer may not be missing!

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19.9.2010: Altländer Apple Festival in Steinkirchen

The historic Altländer apple festival takes place with a colorful program for young and old. Participants include the Altländer folk dance group, friendly dance groups and the apple queen Altes Land (Ollanner Appelkeunigin). The shops are open.

25.9. 10.10.2010: Apple weeks on Lake Constance

On 16 days of full program show apple friends, from the farm shop to the exquisite restaurant, as surprisingly versatile apples. The festival takes place in the idyll of the small towns around Lake Constance. It's best for everyone to choose their own personal highlights from the diverse campaigns! Starting at an old town festival in Markdorf, on which there are over 100 types of apple pie to taste, to the crowning finale at the Obsthof Bischoff with a large apple festival is something for everyone. So many hikes on apple paths are offered to growers of the area. In addition, the BodenseeobstMuseum offers special guided tours on the subject of apples. Incidentally, you can still learn the burning of apple brandy or enjoy a round trip on the horse car!

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25.9. 26.9.2010: Gierstädter harvest festival

In Gierstadt in Thuringia every year on the last weekend of September a big harvest festival takes place. Of course, the focus is on the fruit grown most frequently around Gierstädt. One of the attractions is undoubtedly the "longest apple bar in Thuringia" More information: //

25.9.2010: Rellinger Apple Festival

Every year in Rellingen on the border with Hamburg, the last Saturday in September is all about the apple. From 11 am to 6 pm, apple enthusiasts of all ages come together to celebrate their favorite fruit in the 1,000-inhabitant town in the district of Pinneberg. The spectacular Bobby Car Race has already become a fixture in the festival.

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25.9.2010: Apple and Holztag in HombergMühlhausen

From 10 to 17 o'clock the apple and wood day takes place in HombergMühlhausen, in the SchwalmEderKreis in north Hessen. The employees of Dobel show everything about the juice and winemaking. While the little ones let their creativity run free in crafting and make-up or test the bouncy castle or the GoKartBahn, the adults strengthen themselves with something sweet or hearty. You can squeeze your own juice from your own brought apples. A book flea market certainly holds one or the other apple reading ready!

26.9.2010: Apple market in the castle Morsbroich in Leverkusen

For those who prefer a noble rather than a rustic taste, this apple market is just right for you. Under the title "Gourmetbummel im Schlosspark", you can enjoy delicacies ranging from the fruit itself to apple sparkling wine or unusual creations such as an ApfelDattelChutney delicatessen around the apple. Producers of delicacies from the region present their goods at colorful stalls in the sculpture park of the castle. The proceeds go to charitable associations.

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26.9.2010: Bielefeld apple day

On the landscape care center Ramsbrock on 26th September everything revolves around the apple. In addition to the different apple varieties, nature and environmental protection are the main topics at the 40 stations on the farm. It must not only be looked! In the many hands-on activities, such as a sensory course and apple variety determination, not only the young visitors get their money's worth! As a special highlight, the mobile juicer is expected. From brought apples, visitors can have their own apple juice pressed and take home as a souvenir.

26.9.2010: Apple Festival in Lingen

An apple festival with a large painting competition is celebrated today at Hof KroneRaue in Lingen on the Ems. For the fourth time in the yard everything revolves around the apple. The program has something for everyone: basket weavers, schnapps distillers, denglers and many more show old crafts. The brave can miss an airbrush tattoo, preferably in apple shape, and hungry people get their money's worth with the longest apple strudel in Emsland! At the apple quiz, both young and old can put their knowledge to the test. The mobile MostExpress and an apple variety show complete the program.

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26.09.2010: Apple Day of the BUND Bremen

From 12 to 17 o'clock the apple day of the BUND Bremen takes place with fruit type determination and many activities around the crisp vitamin packages. Venue is Stadtwerder on the Kinderwiese at Café Sand. Variety determination is also offered.

Further information: Tel.: 04283/6102

01.10.2010: Main Farm Festival (LWH) in Stuttgart

The Cannstatter Volksfest, also known as Canstatter Wasen, combines a tradition of almost 200 years with the Main Agricultural Festival (LWH) in Stuttgart. At the Main Agricultural Festival, a lecture on "Quality assurance from the apple tree to the consumer" will take place from 2 to 3 pm on the studio stage in Hall 1. The organizers are the Landesverband Erwerbsobstbau Baden-Württemberg e.V., the Ministry of Rural Areas, Food and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg, the Obstregion Bodensee and the Marketing und Absatzförderungsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH.

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02.10.2010: Fest with pome fruit show in Hermannshagen

Apple friends can indulge in the feast with pome fruit show in Hermannshagen in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern from 10 to 18 clock in their favorite fruit! There is a small craft market as well as a culinary market with all kinds of specialties. The SchauMosten and the tasting of various fruit products may not be missing. A competent orchestral consulting rounds off the program.

Further information: 03846233480

10.2. 03.10.2010: Apple Festival in Lübeck

On the day of the German unification as well as the day before, an apple festival takes place in and around the Lübeck Jakobikirche. When determining the variety, even connoisseurs can certainly discover varieties that were previously unknown to them. The organizer, the Lions Club Lübeck, has put together an attractive supporting program, including a harp concert, a puppet theater, apple nutrition lectures, an apple raffle... The event will be held to help refurbish the church.

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10.6. 09.10.2010: Rostock apple and smoking market

On the 9th Rostocker apple u. Smoke market on the Neuer Markt will find from 9 to 17 clock not only apple lovers, but also smoker fans, what the heart desires. A variety determination by an expert will be offered on 9th October from 9am to 12pm.

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8. 10.10.2010: Apple market in Bad Feilnbach

Bavaria's largest apple market attracted more than 30,000 visitors last year to celebrate a typical Bavarian folk festival. Once again this year, crowds of celebratory apple eaters are expected. More than 200 varieties of apples in all variations can be admired and tasted all weekend long. In addition to the apple itself, the farms in the area present jam, schnapps, liqueurs and everything else that can be made from apples. As a guest of honor, this year's apple queen is also expected. For Bavarian flair provide music bands, Plattlergruppen and beer tents.

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09.10.2010: Apple Day in Bargteheide

From 10 to 16 o'clock take over the apple day in the horticultural school Andresen experts individual variety determination. It is enough to bring one or two apples.

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10.9. 10.10.2010: Eichsfelder apple and pear market in Duderstadt

The pedestrian zone of Duderstadt smells of apples and pears on the second weekend of October! A stroll is worthwhile, because there are various apple varieties to discover numerous specialties from the region. A pomologist offers a destination service. Just bring some apples or pears from your own tree.

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10.10.2010: Apple market in Obernburg

For the eleventh time more than 40 exhibitors will show their products and inform about nature conservation and orchards. The focus here is on cultivating knowledge about this typical regional product. In addition to the apple variety exhibition, there are many treats and a children's program.

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10/10/2010: Schlater apple crop

The Schlater fruit farmers and fruit recyclers are so looking forward to their second "apple disaster" that they count on their homepage the seconds to the starting shot backwards! The exhibitors present their products spread all over the place. For the physical well-being and children's entertainment is well taken care of.

13.10.2010: Apfellust at the Münster weekly market

From 8 to 14 clock it says at the Münster weekly market: "Apfellust fancy apples?" On the cathedral square at the NABUStand opposite the Domhaupteingangs apples are offered in all variants: crisp, sweet, sour, aromatic, juicy and always delicious - for young and Old and even for apple allergy sufferers. A large tasting of about 50 apple varieties and the sale of apple specialties attract the visitors.

Further information: Tel.: 0175/9593314

16.10.2010: Starkower Appeltag

The festival around the apple in Starkow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern consists of a small autumn market with supporting program. These include the sale of fruit and fruit trees, a specialist fruit consultancy, the popular plant exchange, a mobile fruit press for larger quantities and a pome fruit exhibition. During the eighth Starkower Appeltag, from 14.00 to 17.00 hrs, of course, a variety assessment will be offered.

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16.10.2010: Apple Festival in Waren on the Müritz

The Warener Innenstadtverein organizes the second apple festival on the market square this year. The colorful fairground market entices with fruit exhibition and sale, a mobile juicer, extensive food and drink and not least with children's entertainment. Also, a variety determination is part of the varied program.

Further information: Tel. 03957782156

17.10.2010: Fruit and baking in Bad Sobernheim

In the open-air museum in Bad Sobernheim is 17.10. Fruits and baking announced! On this autumnal day of action everything revolves around the tasty vitamin donor apple, pear, plum & Co. In cooperation with the PomologenVerein, the gardening association SaarlandRheinlandPfalz, the litter orchard Bitz, the service center rural area as well as several nurseries, fruit merchants, cideries and distilleries became an informative program put together for the whole family.

Further information: Tel.: 06751/3840

23.10.2010: Hofer apple day

From 10 to 16 o'clock takes place in the kitchen center Findeiß the Hofer apple day. Activities of the gardening associations, tips from the plant doctor, variety exhibition and apple dishes in the show kitchen provide variety. A fruit type determination is also offered.

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31.10.2010: Apple Day at NABU Bremervörde

On the last day of October, Apple Day takes place at the NABU in the environmental pyramid Bremervörde. The program, which provides variety from 11am to 5pm, includes a variety assessment as well as fruit and fruit tree sales.

Further information: NABU World Pyramid Bremervörde

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