Choose the right temperature on the iron

An iron with one to three dots indicates ironable laundry, where the number of dots indicates the highest allowable ironing temperature. Which degree numbers are behind it - and for which types of substance are the individual temperature levels suitable? And when is it best to iron with steam?

What temperature of the iron hides behind the symbols?

The ironing temperature is the temperature to which an iron for straightening laundry is heated. The appropriate number of degrees depends on the particular material of a textile, it is marked by the well-known ironing icon.

If you've always wondered how hot the iron gets at each setting of one to three points at all, we have the answer for you here:

  • 1 point indicates a maximum temperature of 105° C, which is not considered particularly hot when ironing.
  • 2 points stand for a temperature up to 165° C, with this degree you iron with moderate warmth.
  • 3 points are the hottest setting on the iron, this is about temperatures of up to 220° C.

Different textiles and the right temperature setting

Different textile fibers require different ironing temperatures. Some substances are sensitive to heat, others may require high temperatures to get the structure really smooth:

care instructionstextiles
1 point, low temperatureTextiles made of man-made fibers (acetate, polyacryl, polyamide)
2 points, moderate temperaturemainly silk and wool, also viscose
3 points, high temperaturemainly linen and cotton

Fiber blends should always be ironed to the highest temperature suitable for the most delicate fiber. All substances in which synthetic fibers are to a certain extent only tolerate the lowest temperature setting.

Those who do not adhere to the temperature scale and care instructions risk damage to their ironing. Here, fibers can melt or even burn, and discoloration is not excluded.

Tips & Tricks

Reliable steam ironing is possible with most irons only in the 3-point setting. Some iron succeed in a reasonably efficient evaporation of water even at 2 points.

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