Aquastop triggered - and now?

What happens exactly when the Aquastop function triggers the washing machine, what sense it has and how to put the machine back into operation afterwards, you can read in detail in this post.

Aquastop mode of operation

By the way, the Aquastop, which is not only used on washing machines, has the function of interrupting the water supply when the water in the appliance escapes. This avoids flooding in the bathroom or kitchen due to constantly running water.

The functionality can be quite different. Mechanical systems usually respond to hose patches, but can also monitor the amount of constantly passing water via counters, or react to hairline cracks in double hose systems.

In many cases, electronic aquastop systems are used today. They monitor the water intake electronically, as well as the water level in the bottom shell. If this water level reaches a certain level, a solenoid valve is triggered automatically, which interrupts the water supply, so that it can not come to a flood.

In addition, even more complex electronic monitoring systems with humidity sensors are used, which completely interrupt the supply of water via a magnetic valve when moisture is detected at certain points.

First measures

If the aquastop has triggered, the machine should be switched off immediately and the water supply interrupted. The inflow of further water is prevented only by a solenoid valve, if it fails, it will in a short time nevertheless to a heavy flood.

Even if you do not see water, you should not be fooled - there must always be a reason for triggering the aquastop. The water may also have leaked only inside the machine.

Under no circumstances should you use the machine again without having it checked beforehand.

If you are not sure that another source of water - such as water from the sensors - has triggered the Aquastop, allow it to dry out for 24-48 hours and then try again. If the Aquastop triggers again, you must have the washing machine checked for the cause of the water outlet by a specialist.

Tips & Tricks

Aquastop and Aqua Control System are two different functions: The Aqua Control System allows you to drain water from the machine even when the machine is off. This saves you an emergency emptying.

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