Build an aquarium - individual individual pieces

Not everyone has the time or the knowledge to build or put together their own individual or very large aquarium. Therefore, different companies have specialized in making beautiful individual pieces. The advantages are obvious, since not only the technology in these manufactured basins is perfectly matched. The prices are of course also high.

Exposed installation sites

One of the most important reasons to have an aquarium built is the location. If you want to make the aquarium a figurehead in a restaurant or office with public traffic, you should of course resort to a high-quality work of a professional.

Special types of glass

Especially very large pools require special durable glass, which should not scratch as much as possible. Many aquarium manufacturers therefore use float glass with a low green content. For special safety reasons, laminated safety glass can also be used. This will not cause any injury to surrounding persons in the event of a break and will last longer if there is any damage.

Edges and joints

Professional manufacturers usually use only very high quality aquarium silicone that a normal aquarist can not buy sometimes. Very nice are also polished or polished edges that a purchased aquarium does not have.

Special forms

A large octagonal basin or a round cylinder, which should stand in an entrance hall, of course, anyway need a specialist. But also some other room situation requires the experience of a specialist. If the pool is to function as a room divider or to go around the corner several times, then it is important if an experienced professional takes care of this pool.

Coordinated technology and wildlife

The pumps, whether in the freshwater aquarium or in the marine aquarium, are usually selected by a professional. Depending on which fish species and plants are to move there, he will put together the right elements to a high-quality aquarium.

service contracts

Especially in such special aquariums are service contracts that can be completed right at the construction of the individual pool. Depending on which agreements are made with the contractor, this can even take over the regular cleaning.

What to look for in a service contract is:

  • Availability for problems in the pelvis
  • cleaning
  • Maintenance of electrical systems
  • Exchange of plants and animals

warranty Terms

You should also check which areas the guarantee for the new aquarium refers to. Are possibly also received fish and plants exchanged within a certain period free of charge? Especially the point of leakage should not be left out in a warranty contract.

Here are the points that should be noted in the warranty terms:

  • Glass breakage with no apparent external influence
  • Pumps (also dimensioning and performance must be sufficient)
  • joint tightness
  • lighting
  • heater
  • domestic equipments
  • plants
  • animals

Tips & Tricks

The larger and more extravagant a custom aquarium should be, the more time you should take to find the right company. Have reference objects displayed and check that you are truly on the same wavelength as the aquarist and that he understands your vision of the aquarium.

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