Build aquarium yourself

Build aquarium yourself: build

Aquaristics can be an expensive hobby. In this way, resourceful do-it-yourselfers can save a great deal of money when building aquariums and aquarium equipment and only have to invest a few hours of work. Particularly popular is the hand-shaped design of aquarium back walls as a rock formation made of polystyrene.

The self-construction of complete glass aquariums, however, requires a lot of skill and experience in bonding the rectangular glass with aquarium silicone. This work is less recommended for beginners, because it threatens an expensive water damage.

Beginner-friendly is the self-construction of filter systems, lighting and feeders as a supplement to the purchased full glass aquarium.

Children will also enjoy the home made decoration elements for the aquarium.

Table of contents about aquarium construction

  • Aquariumbau
  • Buy books on the topic on Amazon
  • Build filter systems for the aquarium itself
  • Make aquarium lighting yourself
  • Feed system for the aquarium - make fish food yourself
  • Other aquarium equipment and decoration

  • Build a terrarium
  • Build insect hotel
  • Build bat box
  • Fishing and fishing


Building instructions for self-glued glass aquariums as a full glass aquarium. In addition, matching aquarium cabinets with solid foundation. Instructions for self-designed aquarium back walls with interesting styrofoam rock structures.

Build aquarium wall

Construction manual for an aquarium wall as a shrimp breeding station. Metal shelves with wood paneling. Detailed illustrated instructions.
at The World of Aquaristics

Aquarium design selfmade

Detailed illustrated instructions on the design and interior design of a freshwater aquarium.
at 12do

Aquarium substructure as room divider

Illustrated manual for an aquarium substructure made of ytong and multiplex panels, which can also be used as a room divider.
at Aquascaping Forum

Construction of an aquarium back wall

Cost-effective construction of a 3D back wall for a delta corner made of boards and styrofoam. With recesses for filter chambers. Detailed step-by-step description with some pictures.
at Cichlidenfreunde Emsbüren e.V.

Construction manual for a glass aquarium

Simple construction manual for small glass aquariums with instructions for bead bonding and butt bonding.

Homemade of a full glass aquarium

Instructions for a very large full glass aquarium for freshwater skates with 700 liter capacity. Substructure with concrete foundation. Gluing the glass walls with Sililkon. Illustrated manual.

Aquarium Stand Construction

Aquarium cabinet with sketches and dimensions

Construction of aquarium back wall

Construction report of a self-built aquarium rear wall made of styrofoam plates and colored cement. (Also suitable for terrariums.)
by Horst Kröger

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