Aquarium - clean and care

There are completely different conditions in an aquarium than in real life, so never work with a chemical cleaner. Even sponges and cloths that have ever come in contact with cleaners, you must not use. How you can still maintain and clean your beautiful aquarium, we show you here.

Less is more when cleaning

When cleaning an aquarium, you must be very careful. Pay close attention to where the individual aids were before. If you accidentally use a kitchen towel that still contains washing-up liquid, you may never need to clean it again. In the worst case, the pool must be completely cleared and equipped with new soil and fresh plants and fish.


Create only sponges that are suitable for the aquarium, do without the cheaper towels and sponges from the kitchen. All the things you use for the aquarium should be put into an extra bucket that is used only for the aquarium. To avoid confusion, you should mark this bucket or buy a bucket with the appropriate decoration.

Detergents and auxiliaries

  • Sand suction / Mulchsauger
  • slice sponge
  • bucket
  • Stainless steel tongs
  • long scissors

sand sucker

The sand or Mulchsauger basically consists of a longer hose, the inside still has a small grille for larger leaves and pebbles. The simple version has to be moved several times horizontally in the water to keep the water running.

The automatic version has a small bellows integrated in the hose. This will suck in the water. So the sometimes necessary sucking with the mouth is unnecessary.

The Mulchsauger is then guided over the ground. You should poke around with it a bit in the ground, because here many old fish food and plant remains have found their last rest. If you have used living shells, you should leave the soil undisturbed.

Window cleaner

As a window cleaner either sponges are used, which are attached to a slightly curved handle or blades, which are also attached to a guide. Predicted right away, from the blades is strongly discouraged. They totally scratch the disk and do not clean better than the sponges.

Magnetic cleaner

In the trade, two-part cleaning sponges are offered in which the sponge with a magnetic plate in the basin attached to the disc cleaning takes over and the other part outside as a magnet controls the sponge like a remote control. Of course, since you do not come around the corner with the magnetic cleaner, it's basically just something for the windscreen. Moss and light impurities can thus be easily removed.

water additives

There are many different water additives that promise different effects. If anything, you should use herbal supplements. A good effect has an addition with rosemary, which is intended to kill germs. Some also use oak extract or alien cones that lower the PH level.

Chemical water additives have the major disadvantage that never a natural balance in the basin can arise. You then always have to improve and it can easily create a harmful climate in the water, if the dosage is not exactly right.

Cleaner fish - friendly cleaning company

Some fish species do a great job cleaning the windows. For example, the antenna catfish is not only a decorative and interesting inhabitant in the basin, it grates the moss from the slices and also from the decoration.


Many species of snails, such as the red posthorn snail, kill food debris and plant waste from the ground. They even eat moss and algae from the plants without damaging the plants.


If you place shells in the bottom of the aquarium, you almost never have to use the mulch vacuum again. The shells open very easily and filter the ground and the water. Algae, moss and leftovers are their favorite food.

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