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  • The aquarium (see Latin aqua "water") is a mostly rectangular vessel made of sturdy glass, which is filled with water and equipped with water plants, gravel or sand and decorative elements, thus providing a habitat for ornamental fish.
  • Aquariums are available in a variety of shapes (e.g., rectangular) and sizes (e.g., 60 liters). If you buy your aquarium online, make sure that the water filter, the pump, the lighting and the heating are included in the delivery of the glass tank itself. If not, the accessories can be bought separately.
  • In the aquarium, a nitrogen cycle takes place, which must be regulated by humans. For example, The nitrate content can be reduced by a regular water change, so that the habitat for the fish is not life-threatening.

Aquarium comparison 2018: 2018

Aquaristics is becoming increasingly popular: In 2015, 2 million households in Germany owned an aquarium, according to a survey by the Industrieverband Heimtierbedarf (IVH) and Zukunftsforum Familie (ZZF). By 2025, the number of aquariums in German households should rise to 2.04 million (Source: Statista).

In our 2018 aquarium comparison guide, we've outlined the key criteria you need to look out for when buying a fish tank: Find the right type of aquarium and find out what accessories you need to get started on fish farming.

1. Butter with the fish! These aquarium types are available

In the search for the suitable aquarium you have different models to choose from. In our aquarium comparison you can see the different options at a glance.

Construction Styleexampledescription

Classic aquarium

Aquarium comparison 2018: fish

The rectangular shape is the most common among house aquariums.

You can enjoy an all-round panoramic view of your fish.

The classic aquarium fits on most conventional dressers, provided they are stable enough.

Aquarium with cabinet

Aquarium comparison 2018: comparison

Particularly useful is the aquarium set: A combination of aquarium and cabinet.

Here, the manufacturer has already calculated the weight load, so that the base cabinet is guaranteed stable enough.

⚬ The base unit should fit stylistically in your living environment.

Corner Aquarium

Aquarium comparison 2018: fish

The corner aquarium is suitable for shady room corners.

Here you have a lower field of view on your fish.

Does not fit on any conventional dresser: The aquarium for the corner is often only available in combination with base cabinet. This in turn should fit stylistically in your living environment.

Crescent Aquarium

Aquarium comparison 2018: fish

The semicircle shape of the crescent aquarium is less common and is therefore considered a design aquarium. The small aquarium (nano aquarium) is also suitable as an aquarium for shrimp and mussels.

Often the filter is already installed inside, which additionally reduces the volume.

2. Kaufberatung: You must pay attention to this

2.1. That's why you should opt for a freshwater aquarium

Aquarium comparison 2018: fish

Get beautiful underwater worlds in your living room.

Our clear Buy recommendation: Are you a beginner aquaristic, so we recommend the freshwater aquariumbecause it is much less complicated to maintain and care due to the easy-care freshwater fish. If you know something about aquaristics, you already know that the freshwater aquarium is also better tolerated for ecological reasons.

Although exotic saltwater fish such. the iridescent blue palette doctor fish from saltwater seas for the one or the other aquarist literally as splendid specimens, but a private attitude is not responsible.

Saltwater fish can not be commercially bred, but are caught wild. Therefore, these are hardly offered in the zoo trade.

In addition, they are very demanding in their stance, says expert Christiane Schmidt, marine biologist at the Sustainable Aquarium Industry Association, in an interview with Stiftung Warentest (see test issue 11/2016).

freshwater fish on the other hand mostly bred and are easy to maintain in attitude.

Very popular, especially for beginners, are the following freshwater fish:

  • guppies
  • Plattys
  • swordtail
  • catfish
  • Barben

2.2. Material: The best choice is glass

Aquarium comparison 2018: 2018

Particularly space-saving: the small nano-aquarium.

If you want to buy the aquarium cheap, you may be thinking about a model made of plastic or Plexiglas.

However, we advise you not to, because although the low purchase price is tempting, these are not as robust, stable and scratch-resistant as a model made of glass.

We recommend a glass aquarium, Although this is once more expensive to purchase, but higher quality and durable.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of a glass aquarium:

  • robust and stable: The built-in glass is so strong that it can easily withstand the high water pressure
  • scratch-resistant: less prone to scratches than plastic
  • heavy in weight
  • more expensive to buy

Aquarium without fish? Your personal aquarium test winner is already filled with water and plants? The fish can be added only 14 days later. First of all, vital bacteria must form.

2.3. Filter, Heater, Lighting and Pump: You need this aquarium accessory

  • Filter: The water filter removes dirt and bacteria and ensures a stable ecosystem in the microcosm aquarium.
  • Heater: With the heater you can adjust the water temperature to the needs of the aquarium inhabitants. Locally grown farmed fish feel comfortable in temperatures between 15° C and 20° C, tropical fish need temperatures between 24° C and 26° C.
  • Lighting: The lighting is less relevant to the fish, but rather ensures that the aquarium in your living room as a decoration makes more. However, you should not let the aquarium lamp run too long and too bright: In addition to electricity costs, high light radiation also promotes unwanted growth of algae.
  • Water pump: The pump regulates the CO2 content of the water. The manufacturer Dennerle recommends a CO2 value of about 15 to 30 milligrams per liter. This value can be regulated by the number of bubbles, where: Per 100 liters of water 10 bubbles per minute are required.

Other accessories such as Plants, gravel and decorative objects create a "homely" atmosphere in the aquarium.

For algae in the aquarium: Here, short-term measures such as the use of Algenex only conditionally. You must tackle the cause of algae growth: Shorten the lighting times and check if your aquarium is too close to the window. Also test the nitrate and phosphate content of the aquarium water and do not overfeed your fish: a pinch of food flakes a day is sufficient, depending on the number of fish.

3. Here you buy the best aquarium

A large selection of aquariumscan be found in the pet shopand meanwhile also online (for example Amazon). Benefit from the advantages of the online market: You benefit from the variety of different products, the transparent price comparison basis and the experience reports of other buyers.

You can find low-priced models, e.g. from the brands Infactory or Diversa. Here you spend for a small aquarium between 30 and 50 euros, but usually without accessories such as water filter and pump. For this you have to plan again for the 10 to 15 euros.

It gets more expensive with manufacturers like Dennerle. Expect to pay around 100 to 250 euros for a high-quality, partially equipped aquarium.

Especially high-priced variants are offered by brands such as Juwel and Tetra: From 150, but up to 700 Euro you get the highest quality products with many extras.

Frequently bought are Tetra aquariums and jewel aquariums. Get one here Overview of recommended manufacturers and brandsthat should not be missing in any aquarium test:

  • Aqua Atlantis
  • Aquael
  • Dennerle
  • Diversa
  • Fluval
  • Hagen
  • infactory
  • jewel
  • Tetra

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