Aquarium complete system - practical and well tuned

For aquarists are often offered complete systems in the trade, in which both the heating and the lighting and especially the filter system to match the pool are the same. Of course, this is a simple solution, especially for beginners. However, there are some points to consider when choosing a complete aquarium.

Comparison with a self-assembled aquarium

If you prefer to assemble your aquarium yourself, you need more than basic knowledge. The wattage of the heater must be adjusted to the amount of water, as well as the type of fish. The situation is similar with a suitable filter system. This should always be a little bit bigger. A 60 liter tank, for example, is ideal for a pump that can circulate and filter up to 80 liters.

Also, the lighting must be harmoniously aligned with the number of lumens on the pool size. If the pool is put together, this lighting can of course be created with an LED light. If you have a complete system, you should also pay attention to energy-saving devices and installations.

Components in the complete system

These are first of all the individual components that should be present in a complete system for a freshwater aquarium. At a saltwater aquarium, additional pumps and equipment are added.

  • Beck size
  • heating capacity
  • filter performance
  • filter media
  • lighting
  • cover

Open or closed aquariums

An aquarium does not always have to be closed with a lid, but it has several advantages. There are beautiful extravagant glass basins, which are equipped with lighting that seems to float almost above the pool. Highly recommended are open basins but at most in a small nano aquarium, which is furnished with shrimp or clams.

  • Moisture in the apartment
  • Fish partly jump
  • Dust and dirt fall into the water
  • Cats like to fish
  • Safety / children

Complete system for beginners and beginners

For beginners, the complete systems are particularly suitable. Nevertheless, as a beginner you should refrain from setting up a saltwater aquarium. Even if all the individual parts have already been practically put together here in many complete systems, a beautiful reef landscape remains a difficult affair if there are no experience in aquaristics.

Both the shrimp nano aquariums and the simple 60, 80 or 120 centimeter systems are worthwhile for beginners. A fallacy, however, is common, because even in a complete set is not all that an aquarist needs for his pelvis.

The complete set is missing:

  • Gravel / ground
  • Decoration / Caves / Branches / Stones
  • Timer for lighting
  • thermometer
  • Water test strips
  • plants
  • Animals - fish / snails / shells
  • Bacteria / aquarium starter
  • Care set of nets, mud vacuum etc.

Aquarium with cabinet as a set

Different sets offer at the same time an exactly fitting base cabinet for the basin. Especially if a slightly larger pool is to be purchased in the set, in which the pumps and filters are not in the pool, a matching cabinet is ideal. Here then the technical devices are housed quite invisibly.

In view of the higher weight of a large aquarium, it may also be helpful if a matching cabinet is included in the set. Not everyone would like to build a substructure for the new aquarium itself and normal cabinets are usually not up to the high weight of the aquarium. That is why you are well advised as a beginner with a complete set of pool, heating, pumps, lighting and matching cabinet.

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