Cool the aquarium - some tricks

Most fish in our aquarium like to warm. However, they are still very sensitive to fluctuating temperatures and too warm water. By the way, the algae growth in too warm water quickly becomes a problem. So you have to actually cool the water in the aquarium in the summer. Here are the possibilities that provide for cooling.

Know fish - recognize danger

You should keep track of which temperatures the fish in your aquarium can tolerate well. Some tropical fish even tolerate more than 30 degrees, while various domestic fish desperately snatch oxygen at 20 degrees water temperature.

First of all, you should provide shade in the warm season. An aquarium should never be in direct sunlight anyway, but just when it's warm, every ray of sunshine can be a hazard.

You should also switch off the lighting in the aquarium, as this, of course, always produces a little heat. In the case of lighting with LED technology, this may still be low, but with the usual fluorescent tubes, the temperature rises rapidly by a few degrees.

Small water changes

In a very small aquarium, it will still help to put some ice cubes in the water. With a large amount of water that is only the said drop in the ocean. The situation is similar with a water change. If you fill in cool tap water and take out warm water, this is only practicable up to a certain aquarium size. However, this is the fastest and most effective measure when a heat emergency occurs.


First, the cover of the aquarium should remain open, because it evaporates more water and this evaporation, the pool is slightly cooled. This measure can be supported and strengthened considerably by a fan that blows directly onto the water.

But put a sturdy metal mosquito net with a small wooden frame on top of the aquarium. Some fish tend to jump out, directly into the fan would be fatal. Even the fan itself can tip into the water and cause a dangerous short circuit.

Add oxygen

A membrane pump or an aerator can effectively save the life of the fish when the water is too warm. This usually makes the water temperature less to do, than the low oxygen that is present in the warm water.

Cool - shadow - save lives

  • Donate shade
  • Initiate oxygen
  • Water surface cool by fan
  • Change water partially

Tips & Tricks

If you are always having trouble with too warm water, be sure to replace the fluorescent tubes with a LED lighting. In addition, you can use computer fans to build a higher airy summer cover that you can wear in the warm season. Similar constructions are already available for aquariums in the trade.

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