Aquarium - costs for purchase and operation

Aquariums with beautiful colorful fish and a lively planting are very relaxing. However, an aquarium is not necessarily the cheapest hobby you can have. In order to be able to survey and estimate the costs for the acquisition and the ongoing operating costs, we have compiled some price examples here.

Single parts or complete set

Depending on how experienced the aquarist is, it may be better to buy a complete set. You then do not have to choose exactly the right size for heating and filter pump, but the set is put together precisely. However, at the same time you should also pay attention to which inhabitants should live later in your tank.

Fresh or salt water

In a marine aquarium, the costs are considerably higher, as in addition a special flow pump and a skimmer must be installed. In addition, so-called living stones are needed for a marine aquarium, which also take over part of the water purification. These living stones are quite expensive and more is needed.

For our example below of a 120-liter tank, about ten kilos are needed, which weigh 110 to 130 euros on the budget.

Example 120 liter basin

Here we have put together the individual prices, which are roughly equivalent to the elements of a 120-liter tank for a freshwater aquarium.

Cost overviewprice
1st basin 120 liters100 EUR
2. Heating10 EUR
3. pump25 EUR
4. Lighting20 EUR
5. cover35 EUR
6. plants and soil50 EUR
7. Decoration material25 EUR
total265 EUR

Living residents

The living inhabitants of the aquarium we have not included in our example, as they have extremely different prices depending on the selection. This is partly due to their sometimes very low life expectancy.

Here are some examples of the costs of our aquarium inhabitants:

  • Blue Neon 2,00 EUR
  • Kangal Knabberfisch 6,00 EUR
  • Brachensalmler 15,00 EUR
  • Green Leoprinus 11,00 EUR
  • Discus fish from 30,00 EUR
  • Blue antenna catfish 36,00 EUR
  • Blue Dwarf Harlem Cat 78,00 EUR
  • Goldringelbugelfisch 180,00 EUR
  • Snails 1.50 - 3.50 EUR
  • Shells 2.00 - 10.00 EUR
  • Shrimp 2,00 - 20,00 EUR

Note ongoing costs

With a new purchase today should be paid to the electricity costs. The lighting can now be ensured by LED lamps and there are pumps that sometimes consume only three watts despite a very high performance. If one compares these values ​​with the conventional old pumps and fluorescent tubes, even higher initial costs are no problem.

Tips & Tricks

A modern complete system for beginners you get for around 100 to 150 euros. In it then a suitable pump and a heater are included. With these systems you have to be a little careful, because the pumps sometimes require a lot of power. The situation is similar with lighting, as there are already systems equipped with energy-saving LED lighting.

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