Aquarium - decoration and equipment for the basin

To make a beautiful natural aquarium from a simple glass basin, we need a lot of decoration. To decorate the ecosystem as naturally as possible, the pet shops have an immense selection of objects and accessories on offer. How to decorate a unique aquarium, we show you right here.


The layer of soil and gravel that covers the aquarium bottom should not be thinned too thinly. The roots of the plants need space to spread and gain support. Think carefully if you really want to use blue or pink gravel in the aquarium. To the green and red plants that could seem a bit unnatural to say the least.


Especially with the decorative objects, the choice is almost endless. Whether you want to put the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower or the Golden Gate Bridge in an aquarium, they all exist. The little Nemo and all his friends, like Sponge Bob, can conjure up colorful blobs in the aquarium alongside other plastic objects.

  • caves
  • rock
  • root
  • Monuments / buildings
  • Busts / Buddha
  • Shipwreck / treasure chest

a matter of taste

You guessed it already, the choice of the deco object is simply a matter of taste. But make sure that your objects are really suitable for aquariums. For example, putting simple rubber ducks into the aquarium water releases pollutants and chemicals into the water that can damage and kill your fish.

Own objects

If certain of your own objects in the aquarium are to serve as decoration and you are not sure that they are really suitable, they should be sealed with epoxy resin. It lays like a layer of glass over the objects that are coated with it. So nothing can happen to your fish if you sink the souvenirs from the last Egypt holiday in the aquarium.


The most important element to decorate an aquarium are the plants. Do not hesitate to buy really unusual leaf shapes and decorative plants. Plants for the aquarium that have a red leaf coloration consume many of the nutrients that get into the water through the fish. This reduces the algae growth in the pelvis at the same time.

Example of a 120-liter tank

  • smooth-leaved slim tall - green - 3 - 5 plants
  • smooth-leafed medium high - red - 1 plant
  • filigree leaves medium high - green - 3 plants
  • filigree leaves medium high - red - 1 plant
  • plain-leaved low - green - 3 plants
  • plain-leaved low - red - 1 plant
  • short grassy - green - 3 - 5 plants
  • Moss - green - 1 - 3 pads

Glue or build the back wall

Today, the back wall no longer simply has to consist of a black or blue foil. Whether it has to be a three-dimensional back wall or rather a decorative foil lies partly on the size of the aquarium and on the other on the planting.

Should a true jungle of plants enrich the basin anyway, the back wall probably need hardly be overly exciting. A simple stone decor on foil is then certainly sufficient.

With a small aquarium of about 54 liters, or a nano aquarium, the three-dimensional back wall that you can build or buy yourself would take far too much of the scarce space in the tank. Even with these two basins so the film is the better and cheaper solution.

Tips & Tricks

Even in the aquarium is less. Although a larger aquarium pool is always easier to maintain than a small pool, restraint is required in the decoration.

Use only one large object and do not necessarily place it exactly in the middle of the aquarium, but rather offset to the left or right by about one third of the pelvic width. This asymmetrical layout is more exciting and interesting than a wild jumble of different objects.

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