Design the aquarium yourself - the planning

Of course, everyone wants their very own unusual aquarium that nobody else has. But some points have to be considered in an aquarium, which can not be changed. How you can still bring your own personal touch in the design of the aquarium, we show you here with a guide for the planning.

Check selection

Many owners of a new aquarium are stunned by the huge selection of caves and decorative objects that are available in the pet shop. Many forms of additional aerators dressed up as treasure chest or dinosaurs are also on offer, as well as a selection of plants that would make an impression even in a flower center.

Deciding correctly is not easy. Again, less and less is more. That's why you should actually take the time and make a realistic plan on paper at home. This usually shows how few plants and decorative pieces are actually necessary.

Make the aquarium yourself step by step

  • paper
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • tape measure

1. Lay out the paper

Exactly the base area, which owns your aquarium, you should lay out as paper and stick together if necessary from below. Here, first the water inlet and outlet of the pump is drawn. Of course, if the pump is in the pool, its place must also be drawn. Likewise one proceeds with the heating.

2. Create a background

Depending on whether a background is to be glued or whether the background must be designed purely with the plants, you should now draw in the back of the arrangement of large slender plants. Depending on the desired growth form, a diameter of 3 to 5 centimeters should be assumed.

3. Cover-ups

An internal pump and the heating element you would like to hide. Groups of three higher plants, each planted like a triangle, hide well ugly corners.

4. Decoration objects and aerator

Now the main decoration object or a cave should be drawn on the paper. Of course, an aerator must be placed as well. With this you also have to think of the hose that carries the air. This must of course be buried first when entering the basin.

5. Remaining plants

When the place of the main object has been determined, small plants can be set for the center and the foreground. Many of the small pots and cups that you get in the pet shop should be shared at least once. Sometimes you get up to six plants from a pot. You should also consider this with the number.

6. Write shopping list

With this drawing, you can now write your shopping list, because now it is precisely determined how many high, medium and low plants you actually need. You can also estimate which of the pots can be divided as often. Aquarium plants grow very fast, so do not buy too many!

Tips & Tricks

Of course, an aquarium becomes completely unique if there are decoration objects that only exist once. In a pottery class at the Volkshochschule you can create unique decorative objects yourself. Whether it's just a red buddha, maybe a golden pyramid or a purple frog. What you make yourself will definitely give your aquarium its own touch.

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