Aquarium - a preparation by a specialist

Many companies have since specialized in the production of aquariums. Special spatial conditions and different formats often require that an aquarium must be made to fit. What you should look for when choosing a pool and the construction company for an aquarium, we show here.

Gather wishes

First, you should gather your own wishes in the family. Although the aquarium is intended for a lobby or restaurant, the exact expectations of the pool should first be compiled.

Important decisions

These points should have already been finally considered before a company is commissioned with the aquarium construction:

  • Freshwater pool or saltwater aquarium
  • Coldwater fish or rather colorful tropical specimens
  • Location of the basin
  • Care and supply of the fish
  • expected running costs of the aquarium
  • Budget for the production
Read, read and read again

To decide the questions above for yourself, extensive reading of forums on the web can help quite well as an additional source to our series. Above all, the question of the type of aquarium and the type of water can be influenced by the experience of other aquarists sustainable. Of course, a well-run company will also be a great help in decision-making and give you useful advice.

Aquarium growers are looking for

Some companies are very fond of full-bodied promises and many colorful images on the Internet to bring their services to the customer when building an aquarium. Look for a near-by aquarium builder who can show you solid reference objects that still work well today. In addition, a binding offer with the prices for all aspects of the aquarium should be obtained.

Bonding on site

Even if an aquarium is still aligned so well, there is always a little tension on the individual discs. This will change automatically when the aquarium is moved. Therefore, it is ideal, especially with a very large pool, when the company glues the pool directly on site.

Installation and stocking

Check with the company if they will also take care of installing the filters and setting up the aquarium, if you wish. Many new aquarists would like to have only pelvis and technology made and then take over the institution itself. For a representative pool in a public space, however, this is usually not the ideal solution.

Tips & Tricks

If you attach importance to maintenance and service of the aquarium, you should consider already with the selection of the enterprise, whether this company actually offers this service in principle. After all, if the company only wants to take care of the maintenance for you exceptionally, there will not always be someone available to take care of the pool, or the service will be discontinued after a short period of time because it may not be worthwhile.

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