Retract aquarium properly - this is how it works

A new aquarium must first be retracted before you dare to use fish there. Between two and four weeks should be scheduled for it. Everything in the new basin is sterile, even the water is almost bacteria-free. Therefore, an ecological habitat for the animals must first be created.

What happens during the break-in phase?

Even if the aquarium looks really good a few days after setting up and the water is already clear, it still contains toxic substances in the water. The decomposition of organic matter, which is introduced into the basin by the plants and the ground gravel, produces nitrite in the water. This is only converted into nitrate by the bacteria that settle in the aquarium. However, this only works in the course of time and can take different lengths.

Support process positively

Both in the filter and in the soil and gravel, the beneficial bacteria settle particularly well. In the trade so-called bacterial starters are to be had, which help to motivate the bacterial cultures for the propagation. This starter is often used even after a major water change and water quality problems.

safety first

Some manufacturers indicate on the bottle that a fish tank can be filled the very next day. But you should rather wait and first of all first check the water for three consecutive days with the usual test strips. If everything is alright, the fish, snails and shrimp are allowed to move in.

Check water values ​​regularly

In the pet shop, test strips are available, which show all important values ​​at the same time. The values ​​should be checked regularly during the run-in phase. But the most important thing is patience. The reward for this is later a particularly good running aquarium, which will cause no problems.

Help the aquarium to retract

  • Check water values
  • Add aquarium starter
  • Check nitrite value again and again
  • never clean the filter
  • Do not rake or clean the ground

Negative things when entering

Of course, during the time an aquarium enters, it should not be cleaned. The plants should now also be supported by the lighting in their development. However, the heating can still be largely switched off.

In addition, the filter should not be cleaned and the ground remains untouched. So any removal of mud or dirt significantly thwarts the development.

Tips & Tricks

Some experienced aquarists refrain from retracting the aquarium, or enter it with fish. However, if you are a beginner, you should distance yourself from this method. These experts inoculate the new aquarium in reality with water from an already retracted basin. So this way is in truth only a kind of abbreviation, which is not feasible for the owner of a single new aquarium.

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