Aquarium - temperature to fish

For most aquariums, which come as a complete set, a small rod heater is included. This can be controlled by a simple rotation to the correct temperature. But what is the right temperature for the selected fish and how can the temperature be maintained in midsummer? Here are the solutions and answers.

Temperature in the aquarium

Depending on which region of the world the fish actually come from, they will usually need a temperature between 22 and 28 degrees. Although for many of the usual aquarium fish is a preset temperature of about 24 degrees. But not every species of fish takes this forced adjustment easily.

Some fish are constantly under stress due to an incorrect temperature setting. This not only harms the fish itself, but also the entire ecosystem in the basin. Very flexible in terms of temperature is the goldfish, which, however, needed a lot of space and should not be kept in basins with less than 80 centimeters edge length.

Which fish for which temperature

Of course, we can only show a small part of the fish that live in aquariums today. Some are particularly flexible and frugal in terms of temperature. Other species already take deviations of a degree or two very bad. For example, the small and very popular blue neon is far from being as easy to maintain as most people think.

  • Australian desert goby 10 - 30 degrees
  • Small ear fish 15 - 24 degrees
  • Paradise fish 18 - 26 degrees
  • Blaupunkt Cichlid 20 - 25 degrees
  • Dwarf bluefish 20 - 26 degrees
  • Bloodsucker 22 - 28 degrees
  • Blue neon 23 - 27 degrees
  • Dwarf Smoker 23 - 28 degrees
  • Brown puffer fish 24 - 28 degrees
  • Siamese fighting fish 24 - 30 degrees
  • Weisstüpfel Earth Eater 25 - 30 degrees
  • Fire skates 24 - 28 degrees

Installation sites for aquariums

To keep the set temperature better, the aquarium should not be placed near the radiators or, probably, a stove. Even direct sunshine is unfavorable in two respects. On the one hand the temperature in the aquarium is driven up and on the other hand uncontrolled growth of algae is favored.

Cool in the summer

Even most tropical fish tolerate cold rather than too hot temperatures. That's why in summer the water often needs to be cooled. In addition, a heater with a reliable thermostat should definitely be placed in the pool. Of course, even more important is a thermometer that indicates as accurately as possible the current temperature in the aquarium.

Tips & Tricks

Amazingly, a tropical fish tank is easier to handle for a beginner. Domestic fish often do not tolerate temperatures over 20 degrees. But in your living rooms, the temperature of the water will rise quickly, at least in summer. The constant cooling of the water can quickly become annoying.

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