Aquariums: make the underwater world a hobby

The underwater world has a great fascination for animal lovers. Many of them are keen to engage in intensive fish keeping and aquarium care. Fulfilling this dream is no longer difficult today.

An example that is also suitable for beginners are the very small nano aquariums, such as the "aquastyle" from Eheim, which you hardly have to devote more time to an average care-intensive houseplant. A nano pool is a very small aquarium. Much bigger than a six-pack is not. Incidentally, these pools are also called bonsai aquariums. Although they are too small to keep fish, aquatic plants and shrimp can be kept in an appropriate manner.

A hobby for animal lovers

The small underwater worlds can become an exclusive design object with loving planting, including lifestyle character. They make the living room, hallway and bedroom a lifestyle zone and also give law firms, practices or offices a special touch. A cubic basin looks very decorative on a generous desk. It can also be positioned nicely on the sideboard or on a freestanding base cabinet. Nature lovers do not have to invest a lot of time to enjoy their hobby with pleasure. There are a few basic rules to keep in mind. In addition, the equipment should be chosen wisely.

The installation of the pool is very simple:

First, decide on the location of the pool. Direct sunlight should be avoided as well as too much daylight. There should not be a radiator near the aquarium. On the purchase list are the pool, lighting and filters, depending on your needs a base cabinet, water conditioner, substrate, decoration and plants as well as a regulator heater and bacterial cultures.

Once the pool has been set up, it is first retracted without shrimp trimmings. The animals are not purchased until the ecological situation in the basin is stable.

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