Emphasize architecture: color the facade of the house

The two-tone design of house facades has long been in vogue, and for a very good reason: By using more than one color, homeowners are given the opportunity to emphasize their façade structure in a pleasant way and thus visually enhance the property. We take a close look at this method and then successfully carry it out on our own building.

Which parts of the house facade can be colored?

First of all, let's take a close look at your property from the outside to find out which elements should be colored. Of course, first of all the windows and doors catch the eye, which wonderfully "framed" along with their soffits.

But perhaps your building has other zones that can be delimited architecturally, such as a bay window or a protruding surface. These elements are also suitable for color emphasis, as well as the stairwell zone.

Emphasize architecture: color the facade of the house: emphasize

Likewise, they can of course also paint the base in a different color, preferably in the same tone as the other casts of the house facade. This results in a harmonious overall picture that gives pleasure!

To paint the house in two colors: with which colors?

Now we come to the second important question that arises in this context: Which two colors should be used in two-color coating? The good news: There is a huge choice. The bad: It's really hard to decide.

You can simply take a certain shade and lighten it for the depositions (or the design of the area) strong. So you get a harmonious picture in any case! But maybe you like it a bit more colorful, then we suggest the following combinations:

First colorSecond coloreffect
Sky blueWhitesummer sky
terracottatanMediterranean dream
altrosaocherdelicate romance
plumlilacBlue Wonder
anthraciteWhiteStrong contours
SonnengelbParmefragile beauty

Could we inspire you with this information? Then take a look at these and similar colors on a RAL color palette! You may think of other color combinations that are perfect for your painting project.

Tips & Tricks

Make photos of your facade, edit them with an image program that only the contours are visible. Then color the architecture with your chosen colors to see exactly how your property will look in the new design.


Artikelbild: Visual0 / Shutterstock

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