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Arduino-building instructions: instructions

Arduinos are now the successful microcontroller boards in the DIY and maker scene. Both the hardware and the software components of the Arduino are open source.

The product range of the Arduino hardware is now broadly diversified. Duemilanove or Uno is the original standard microcontroller. ArduinoBT can communicate with Blootooth. Arduino Mega has more I / O ports. Mini is the smallest version of the controller board. Lilypad is suitable for attaching to clothing as wearable.

At this point we have collected tutorials and tutorials for unusual DIY projects with Arduinos from all kinds of applications.

Free Arduino tutorials by topic

  • Technique gadgets with Arduino - building instructions
  • Arduino for vehicle control: bike computers, drones and lawnmowers
  • Insert Arduino at the aquarium
  • Insert Arduino at the chicken coop
  • Arduinos in the garden: lawnmower robot and greenhouse
  • Holiday decoration with Arduino: Advent calendar and Halloween lighting
  • More ideas for Arduino projects
  • Projects with Raspberry Pi

Further building instructions for makers and electricians

  • Build quadrocopters
  • Set up a DIY photo studio
  • Build a projector and screen yourself
  • Build 3D glasses
  • Lego building instructions

Technique gadgets with Arduino - building instructions

Camera slider / Dolly self-built

Construction description for a controllable camera slide for time-lapse recordings. Illustrated manual.
at photography

Netflix movie start button

Elektrobastelanleitung: With a press of a button Netflix is ​​started by microcontroller and dimmed the lighting.
at Netflix Make it

ArduinoPhone - Build your mobile

DIY a simple mobile phone with Arduino Uno and a case from the 3D printer. Illustrated manual with video. Software as download from Github.
at Instructables

Life-size BB8 model

Extremely detailed instructions for a model of the Star Wars droid BB-8 with Arduino control via smartphone. Illustrated manual with videos. Materials from the hardware store and a beach ball.
at Instructables

Arduino timelapse slider

A slider or dolly system to create timelapse movies with motion.
at Hackerspace Bremen

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