Do you also discuss with your home improvement app?

Do you also discuss with your home improvement app?: discuss

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App's are soo in. No matter if menstrual app, Facebook messenger or birthday calendar - there is an app for everything. When I flick through my smartphone, I find (except the preinstalled) because the FB page manager, a weather app, WhatsApp (who does not have them) and Splashtop to control my little home automation mobile. This should make me one of the few app users. Meanwhile, there are also many home improvement app's and in so many you can even get a taste of it. I tested the Bosch toolbox a long time ago. Really interesting, but I found only the ability to dimension images. That can be really handy at times. In the meantime I live again without this app.

Fountain app "talks" with you

Aaron Patzer is now planning his second big coup and wants to build on the successes of The new app should revolutionize a lot and at least in the DIY sector find much more specific solutions. Maybe that should make a speech recognition. This listens to your problem, reads the important keywords and connects you with the optimal experts. In five minutes your problem should be solved. At least - so the goal if it creates the app on the beta version. If she succeeds, there is a little check mark named "5 minutes = $ 5„.

Would you pay $ 5 for 5 minutes of app usage?

I think that's where most people break off the installation. I would definitely, because the $ 5 is just the one. I know the technology is wide today, but how well does the recognition really work afterwards? What if the Fountain app just does not understand me (happens to me sometimes) and connects to the very wrong expert? Then an expert discussion can take as long as 15 or 20 minutes or, to put it another way, cost $ 15 or $ 20. Are you ready to spend this? Would you even pay for an app?

Do you also discuss with your home improvement app?: your

Actually, I do not mind, after all there are inventors, programmers, technicians, experts.... All the people should also be rewarded for their effort. So if I like an app and I really want to use it, I'm ready to do something for it. How much does it depend on the benefits and so a personal consultation can ever cost something. Only the point of the maybe solution in five minutes... I'm skeptical.

Quick help in forums and through free home improvement apps

I would be tempted to test the home improvement app, but I'm sure I'll stick with the free options. There are so many home improvement forums, behind which not only a number of DIY enthusiasts with "professional experience" sit, but some real experts. Here I can ask my questions and if someone has not understood, still complete. Of course you will find the best experts in our forum. Must be mentioned. ?
Also our app is of course free and there you will find all the knowledge of our website.

Now I would be glad about your opinion. What would you spend on such an app? Would you like to pay anything or would you rather use free home improvement apps? What experiences have you had so far?

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