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Purchase advice on the round sling comparison or test 2018

  • Round slings are used to lift heavy loads. The slings are sturdy, flexible and soft at the same time, so that they adapt well to the objects to be lifted.
  • The load capacity of round slings ranges from 1,000 kg up to 400 tons. Round slings are color coded, allowing you to see the maximum load capacity at a glance.
  • Round slings should be checked regularly for damage and treated with care so that they do not lose their functionality.

Round sling comparison 2018: 2018

In this survey of real estate scout24, 75% of Germans said they had moved at least once within the last ten years, almost half of them even more than twice.

For the transport of furniture offers a round sling. The practical lifting devices are also used in industry to lift particularly heavy loads.

Slightly modified round slings are also used in the sports and leisure sector, For example, you can equip your chin-up bar to make your strength exercises more flexible. Even climbers and slackliners know the round sling as a reliable helper for attaching safety straps or the slackline.

We will tell you how to properly clean a round sling, what you have to consider when selecting it, and what significance the colors of round slings have in our purchase advice 2018.

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1. The round sling - a versatile helper

Round sling comparison 2018: comparison

Round slings are so artfully used in industry to lift extremely heavy loads.

A round sling is one Endless hose made of extremely stable polyester fabric, This is on the one hand extremely tear-resistant, but on the other hand also soft and gentle enough not to damage the surfaces of the transported objects.

The sling consists of an outer protective cover and an inner core made of filament fibers, which give the loop additional stability and tear resistance.

Slings of other categories such as slings and round slings are indispensable in the industry for goods transport and load securing. Roofers and carpenters also need the round sling to transport their work equipment.

But even when moving a round sling can be helpfulto lift heavy furniture well and carry safely. Round slings are also suitable for transporting heavy vehicles such as cars, motorcycles or boats.

In addition to round slings, there are other types of slings. The band sling is designed for lower loads and is mainly used in fall protection and height rescue. Lashing straps and straps allow targeted load securing. If you want to create an anchor point on a T-beam, a carrier clamp is also suitable.

2. The right connection: stop types for the round sling

Type of strokeparticularities
direct stop

Round sling comparison 2018: comparison

When direct stop serves the Round sling as a connection between two load handling devices, z. B. between two hooks.
folded stop

Round sling comparison 2018: slings

In this type of attack, the Increases stability by attaching the loop between two points, This suspension is suitable, for example, for steel beams.
laced stop

Round sling comparison 2018: slings

When laced stop is the Round sling as a loop (in the form of the fishing knot "anchor stitch") placed around a pole, which makes it difficult to slip off the sling.

3. Purchase criteria for round slings: You must pay attention to this

3.1. The load capacity of round slings is color-coded

Round sling comparison 2018: sling

The color of the round sling allows you to directly recognize the carrying capacity.

With a round sling you can lift particularly heavy loads and safely transport tons weighing weights. The best round slings can lift objects weighing up to 400 tons. In private use usually a much lower load is sufficient.

Which load-bearing capacity you should choose, of course, depends on the weight you want to lift. The load capacity of round slings is color-coded. The standard EN 1492-2 specifies the coding, the color code is thus manufacturer-independent valid for all round slings. Incidentally, the same code also applies to the corresponding round sling hooks.

Here one Overview of the color code of round slings according to DIN standard:

500 kgpink
1,000 kgpurple
1,500 kgdark green
2,000 kglime
3,000 kgyellow
4,000 kgGray
5,000 kgred
6,000 kgbrown
8,000 kgblue
10,000 kgorange

Danger: From a load capacity of 10,000 kg, all round slings only have the color orange. Here you must pay particular attention to the maximum load value of the sling, so as not to overload it.

3.2. Material: Round slings are made of highly durable filament fabric

Textile slings are required to be woven from high tenacity multifilament yarns such as polypropylene, polyamide or polyester. Filaments are fibers that have a virtually unlimited length. AllRound slings in comparison are made of sturdy polyester fabric.

Round sling comparison 2018: 2018

4. Tips for Use: Cleaning, Care and Maintenance

4.1 Cleaning: Round slings are machine washable

Round sling comparison 2018: comparison

Also as a slackline can be used a round sling. Resilient enough, it is always.

You can also clean your personal round sling test winner in the washing machine. However, you should use the nooseWash exclusively with mild detergent and in a wool washing program at a maximum of 30° C and do without softener. This ensures that the sling is not damaged by violent spin movements, but merely gently rocked back and forth.

After washing, the noose may only be air-dried. It must not be placed in the dryer, dry-blown or dried in any other way.

Make sure the detergent does not contain potassium carbonate (also known as potash). When combined with water, this salt forms a lye that would damage the fabric of the roundsling. Other alkalis and acids of any kind must not come into contact with the round sling.

4.2. Handling: never knot round sling

Round sling comparison 2018: 2018

Also pay attention to the inclination angle of your load when lifting. The larger the inclination angle, the lower the maximum lifting load. Between load and round sling is a Inclination angle over 60° not permitted.

Round slings, like all slings, must not be knotted. Due to such improper use, the weight distribution on the one hand is unpredictable and the sling can also be damaged - this is shown by every round sling test.

Tip: If the loads you are lifting have sharp edges or a rough surface, cover those areas to protect the round sling.

4.3. Check round sling correctly

Tips for relocations

Be careful when transporting a grand piano or a valuable wooden cabinet. A round sling is therefore favorable for lifting and securing the valuable cargo. What else is there to consider in relocations, learn in theSpecial of Stiftung Warentest about moving, the U. A. with a checklist and insurance coverage answers.

they should Before each use, check that the round sling is not damaged, If you find bugs in your case, you should buy a new roundsling. Otherwise, you run the risk of the snare breaking.Store the sling in a clean and dry place with good ventilation.

The Round sling should not be exposed to chemicals, excessive heat or sunshine, The material could otherwise corrode and the sling become unusable.

When does a round sling need to be replaced? The so-called Discard is reached if the protective cover or its seams are damaged or the inner core of filament fibers can be seen.

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