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Purchase advice for the roller shredder comparison or test 2018

  • The roll chopper shreds particularly well dry and harder woods. Due to the rollers inside, the branches are automatically pulled into the device.
  • Compared to the knife chopper, the roller chopper produces less noise during use (about 80 dB). For this reason he is marketed as a quiet shredder.
  • The safety standards of the roll chopper are higher than those of the knife chipper. Safety precautions include self-closing, reverse and restart interlock.

Roll chipper comparison 2018: chopper

Garden maintenance always involves garden waste - leaves, twigs, plant remains. In particular, if you have worked your shrubs and trees with a hedge trimmer, falls much branches and scrub, which is very bulky. In most federal states, cities and municipalities it is forbidden to burn such garden waste and the remains land in the bio-waste bin or at construction yards. In some cities and municipalities, however, there are also special regulations for incineration. If you are unsure, ask the local public order office (citizen telephone: 115).

Such Garden waste, however, is ideal for fertilizing and mulching your garden. However, large and long branches are difficult to crush. Here a garden shredder can help you - the branches are quickly crushed and then composted or used as fertilizer. What distinguishes the Quiet Shredder from the blade shredder, what makes this shredder so safe and what the Stiftung Warentest has found out about the equipment, you will find out in our Roll Chipper Comparison 2018.

Roll chipper comparison 2018: roll

tip: A shredder is an expensive purchase. If you agree with your neighbor, the purchase can be even more worthwhile. Also for garden communities or allotment gardens a common roll chopper makes sense.

1. Crush branches quickly and quietly

Compost correctly and sustainably

By recycling the shredded material When mulching and composting, return valuable nutrients to your garden, However, a good compost heap needs more than just a good breeding ground. The compost should be quick to reach in the garden to keep the path of plant waste disposal as short as possible. In addition, the bottom ground should be made of open soil. Make sure that wet and dry cuts alternate in the compost heap.

The roll chopper (not: Häksler, Hächsler or Hexler) makes gardening easier for youthe bulky branches and twigs shredded small, For one thing, the garden waste takes up less space in the bio-waste bin or, on the other hand, it can easily be used as a natural fertilizer for your plants, otherwise they would have to buy expensive.

The garden shredder is either equipped with rollers or knives that crush the wood, Through an opening, the branches are pulled into the device and shredded there with the shredding tools. The shredded plant remains are collected in a collection box.

Branch shredders can be divided into electric shredders and petrol shredders. The smaller ones Devices for personal use usually run with electricitybecause they do not need quite as much power as a shredder that is used in the agricultural sector. These large machines are usually operated with gasoline, can crush more and especially larger branches.

In the following table we have listed the differences of the shredder types for their own use.

blade shreddersrolling chopperRoll chopper with turbine cut system

Roll chipper comparison 2018: 2018

Roll chipper comparison 2018: comparison

Roll chipper comparison 2018: chopper

  • rather loud
  • rotating knives crush wood
  • very fast
  • for green and soft wood
  • very easy
  • Shredded material suitable for mulching
  • Branches up to 40 mm in diameter
  • more often blockages
  • very quiet
  • Branches are fed independently
  • Return function in case of blockage
  • for hard and soft wood
  • Chopped wood as fertilizer and composting
  • Branches up to 45 mm in diameter
  • very quiet
  • Branches are fed independently
  • fast and non-blocking feeder
  • for hard and soft wood
  • Chopped wood as fertilizer and composting
  • Branches up to 45 mm in diameter

Roll chipper comparison 2018: chipper

Watch out:The shredder should not be filled with too many fresh plant remains or branches with lots of foliage. Through the sap of the garden waste stick to the rollers and ensures blockages.

2. Purchasing advice for roll chippers: You should pay attention to this when buying

Roll chipper comparison 2018: 2018

The shredder for professionals is not only a little bigger, but also much more powerful.

Before you buy a roll chipper, you should pay attention to the following criteria so that you take home the best roll chopper. Stiftung Warentest has checked the categories of chipping performance, background noise and durability in its roller chipper test. What you recognize a good shredder, we have summarized in our purchase advice.

2.1. More power, better results

The performance of the chopper depends mainly on the wattage. The device can achieve a better chopping performance due to the higher current consumption. A sifter should at least a power of 2,400 watts have to chop the branches sufficiently. However, a higher output of up to 2,800 watts has only a small influence on the size of the shredded material produced or the time required for shredding.

Roll chipper comparison 2018: 2018

Note: Consider the approximate diameter of the branches and twigs when purchasing, as the roller chipper can only shred a maximum diameter of 45 mm. A knife chopper creates at least 40 mm. Stronger branches must first be shredded or disposed of by a company.

2.2. Chaff dear, quietly

Roll chipper comparison 2018: chipper

The Bosch shredder AXT 25 TC has a turbine system.

In contrast to the shredder, which can stir up the neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon, The Leisehäcksler is still loud with about 80 dBbut at least 20 dB quieter. We recommend that you do not use the device during typical rest periods (10 pm - 6 am and a midday rest from 1 pm - 3 pm) and wear ear protection for self-protection. From a noise level of 85 dB, ear protection becomes a must on construction sites.

From a sound pressure level of 90 dB, the noise becomes unpleasant for people - from 120 dB noise becomes a pain. For the overview we have listed some noisy home improvement equipment for you, in whose use you should better wear a hearing protection.

  1. Leaf blower (over 113 dB)
  2. Grass trimmer (up to 113 dB)
  3. Knife chopper (up to 112 dB)
  4. Chainsaw (up to 103 dB)
  5. Lawnmower (up to 96 dB)
  6. Roll chopper (up to 87 dB)

2.3. safety first

Roll chipper comparison 2018: 2018

The shredded material can be used for composting or mulching.

Already in 1985 Stiftung Warentest carried out a shredder test and found serious safety deficiencies here. At that time, the manufacturers stated that the security measures would comply with the DIN regulations and complained against the bad judgment of the testing institute. The court found, however, that the Stiftung Warentest may be more critical than the DIN standard, since it In the interest of the users, the garden shredder is as safe as possible.

Since then, the products have always been improved and, of course, made safer. The roll chopper takes part Self-closing, reverse and restart interlock for being safer than his colleague, the knife-chopper. Below we explain what these new security standards mean in detail.

  • Self-closing:Self-closing automatically pulls branches and twigs into the rollers. This will Prevents you from having to reach deep into the device with your handsto bring the branches to the roller. In the event that the branch misses the roller, is on most models one Including tampers. With this plastic rod you can safely transport the branches deeper into the machine, While branches and sticks are pulled in, you can already collect more wood for shredding.
  • Roll chipper comparison 2018: roll

    The shredder ensures that the garden waste also fits into the bio bin.

    Reverse run: Blockages and blockages rarely occur with the roller chopper. If a lot of leaves and fresh wood wedge, you can activate the reverse run. This causes the rollers to run back and release the blockage. To prevent this in general, we recommend that you fresh and thin wood together with thicker branches to shred, As a result, the branches are pulled along and the blockage is prevented.

  • Restart interlock: Experience has shown that a dangerous situation arises when the power supply is briefly interrupted. The engine shredder then stops immediately. While the user is still trying to find the source of the disturbance (and suspects a blockage on the device, for example), the power is suddenly restored and the device starts suddenly. The restart interlock prevents this. It forces the user to manually switch on the roll chopper again.

Pre pull forward all Work on the device the mains plug.

What advantages and disadvantages does a roll chipper have over a knife chopper?

  • very long
  • with self-closing
  • with reverse
  • shreds wood up to 45 mm in diameter
  • Shredded material is coarser
  • heavier device

3. Take care with care

So that the chopper survives as many years as possible, it is important to maintain it regularly. We recommend that you Readjust the pressure plate after some time, The branches are pressed against this plate as it is pulled through the rollers. Due to the constant pressure of the branches, the attachment can loosen up a bit. So that the device continues to function, is located on the shredder itself a small wheel, with which you readjust the plate again can.

Roll chipper comparison 2018: chopper

Always plug the branches deeper into the garden shredder with a plastic rod.

If the roller shredder is covered with dirt all over, we recommend that you leave the garden hose and clean the shredder with a damp cloth, As a result, the mechanics of the device is not flooded and the dirt is eliminated. So that the rollers continue to chop the wood, you should occasionally oil the cutting unit.

Bosch and Atika tend to offer roll choppers in the higher price segment. However, these renowned brands and manufacturers can also convince with good quality. The roller chopper test winner of Stiftung Warentest comes from Bosch. A favorable roll chopper, e.g. the Aldi garden shredder may be doing its job, but the durability of these devices is usually rather low.

  • Atika
  • Bosch
  • Einhell
  • wolf
  • Worx
  • Brill
  • Florabest
  • Grizzly
  • Gardena
  • Viking
  • pike
  • Ryobi
  • güde
  • Varo
  • Hornbach
  • Hellweg

5. Roll chopper test of Stiftung Warentest

Roll chipper comparison 2018: chipper

Give the shredded material a purpose and use it as compost in the garden.

In its issue 04/2011 Stiftung Warentest has published a shredder test. A total of 17 products were tested here - ten roller and six knife choppers. Tested Cutting performance, handling, durability, volume and safety aspectwhich was criticized in the test in 1985. The roll chippers in particular performed well in this test and the innovative Bosch AXT 25 TC was named test winner.

This shredder has Instead of rolling a turbine installedwhich shreds the plant remains. As a result, the branches are pulled even faster into the machine and blockages occur only very rarely. Even larger branches are thanks to the turbine no problem for this machine. So far she is the only device type with this technology.

A device from Bosch was also able to impress among the knife choppers: the Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid. Although chopping performance and handling are well-rated, safety, volume and durability are only satisfactory.

Roll chipper comparison 2018: roll

tip: If your knife chopper blocks more often, the knives may be too dull and need to be sharpened. If the forage harvester only turns the shredded material into "caterpillars" and does not break them up, the pressure plate should be readjusted.

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