Stick on wall tattoos, wall stickers, wallprints and wall stickers

Wall tattoo and wallprint: one and the same?

On wall Decal and a Wall Print Although glued in the same way, but they look very different and can therefore be used for different decorative purposes. The wall tattoo looks more like a tattoo and represents more lettering and individual filigree shapes. A wallprint, however, is a whole picture in poster form or in the size in which you would like it. With a wallprint you can take pictures without frame and nails hang in the walls and still have the High quality a "real" photo.

Stick on wall tattoos, wall stickers, wallprints and wall stickers: tattoos

A wall was re-wallpapered. You do not like it. They paint the wallpaper with a different color. You like it better, but you still think something is missing.

Maybe you should latest trend take advantage to beautify your wall: a wall tattoo. They offer individual design options and decorate not only your own walls, but can also be a great gift.

Even if you like to call a wall tattoo a wall sticker, a wall tattoo is still not to be regarded as a simple sticker. Because a wall tattoo does not look stuck on, but looks like tattooed on the wall - as if you had painted the wall tattoo directly on the wallpaper or as if it were even a part of the wallpaper itself.

Not just for kids

Stick on wall tattoos, wall stickers, wallprints and wall stickers: wall

A very nice one Decorative accessory is the wall tattoo for children, especially because the children can paint the motifs themselves. As in a coloring book, the little ones can color the desired motive and thereby individually shape. Just make sure that you use wall decals that are made without PVC foam and hazardous plasticizers and instead with food grade glue. As a result, no negative effects on the indoor air are to be feared, and you and your child can be happy about the beautiful motif on the wall.

Is it possible to stick wall decals everywhere?

Generally, yes! On wallpapers and plasters, a wall tattoo holds easily. The only requirement is that the underground clean, sand, grease and silicone-free is. After a coat of paint on a wall you should wait 14 days before applying the wall tattoo.

For gluing you need only a pencil or tape, which can be removed without residue, a spirit level and a so-called squeegee, which she uses the tattoo smooth out can.

The wall tattoo consists of several superimposed films. First, there would be the carrier film, which ensures stability during production and during transport. This is followed by the self-adhesive foil, which represents the actual wall tattoo. The third layer consists of one Application film, With this one can solve the self-adhesive film from the backing paper and position accurately on the desired surface.

If you have broken your wall tattoo into several parts, repeat the following steps for each individual part and put your wall tattoo together gradually.

Stick the instructions to the wall tattoo

  1. Put the wall tattoo on one smooth, solid surface and spread it out.
  2. Press the carrier foil firmly onto the wall tattoo and smooth it with the squeegee. If you have a very large wall tattoo, cut it either into smaller partsto reassemble it on the wall later, or let a better person help you.
  3. Before the wall tattoo is stuck to the right place, you should with a pencil and a spirit level the Mark desired position, Optionally, you can also use small pieces of tape.
  4. Position the wall tattoo on the previously marked spot on the wall.
  5. Smooth the wall decal with the squeegee.
  6. Begin to remove the carrier foil from the wall sticker at one corner. If it happens that parts of the wall tattoos still adhere to the carrier foil, stick the carrier foil back to the wall and press it again. Then the Tpeel off the carrier foil again.

Make wall tattoo yourself

Making a wall tattoo yourself is no longer a problem today. On the Internet there are a number of providers who specialize in it. The prices vary 15 to 150 euros - depending on the motive and the desired size. In addition to picture motifs and symbols, which can be supplemented by own texts, it is also possible to order a pure lettering or individual characters for the domestic wallpaper. Your own imagination and one creative design There are virtually no limits. When Wandtattoo make yourself an online application helps in the creation of the Graphic. Size changes, color variations and image rotation can be viewed at any time in a live preview. Different categories provide suitable image suggestions for the living room, the bedroom, the nursery, the hallway or the kitchen. The finished wall motif can then be easily and quickly delivered home.

Make wall tattoo yourself with your own motives

Stick on wall tattoos, wall stickers, wallprints and wall stickers: stick

Wall tattoo with the skyline of Hamburg (© NadineTaperla /

Although the many wall tattoo online shops offer a whole range of beautiful and matching motifs However, one often looks for a very specific picture, which is offered in spite of the rich assortments in different categories, simply nowhere. Here is only the possibility to search for a provider, the Upload own motives offering. In this case, images can be uploaded in the appropriate resolution from your own computer in the online application. In addition to self-created or self-photographed motifs, you can make the wall tattoo itself and take pictures from so-called photo exchanges. Many photographers offer pictures for private use for free and in very good quality on the Internet for download. There you have a huge selection of motifs in different categories variations. Unfortunately, it is often very difficult for a layman to do that desired picture with matching shades to beautify or modify colors prescribed by the Wall Tattoo Online Shop. Therefore, you should definitely contact before ordering with the provider by phone or email and ask if the uploaded image can be printed in the desired extent as a wall tattoo.

Make wall tattoo yourself with brush and colors

Stick on wall tattoos, wall stickers, wallprints and wall stickers: stickers

Wall tattoo created with brush and paints (© Ich /

Is one in possession one Overhead projector or a projector - or knows someone from whom you could lend a device - there is another way to bring a desired graphic, a drawing or a witty lettering on the local wallpaper.

Overhead Projector: The selected subject can be simple on a suitable foil be printed out. This image is then projected using the projector to the desired wall. On the adjusting wheel of the projector head, the image size on the wallpaper can be changed.

projector: If you have the desired motif digitally on your own computer, the image can simply be projected onto the desired wall. Here, the size of the graphic can also be changed on the projector. Hand-drawn designs must be scanned in advance.

The image projected onto the wallpaper can then be traced with brush and colors. However, it must be taken absolutely certain that make this type of wall tattoo itself very accurate and accurate is working. Any errors can only very difficult to be corrected again, Here is often only the opportunity to repaint the wall or wallpaper completely new. Therefore, you can only recommend this variant, if the handling of brushes and colors was previously practiced. For laymen, we also recommend the easy way through an online store with a comprehensive range of images.

Remove wall tattoo

Most wall tattoos and wallstickers leave behind no residueif they are removed again. It could only be that a so-called ghost effect lags behind. A ghost effect arises when the wallpaper around the wall tattoo is faded or yellowed and you can still see the silhouette of the wall tattoos even after peeling.

If you want to remove a wall tattoo, you only need one sharp knife or one tweezers, This allows you to easily remove the foil from the wall at a corner and then carefully and at an acute angle to the wall pull it off, Another elegant solution is the use of a hair dryer. Set it to the lowest level and walk along the wall tattoo. The heat dissolves the glue and thus also the wall tattoo.

Wall tattoos can not be reused as a rule because the adhesive no longer holds after detachment. But if you proceed very carefully when removing, you can try using it again with a matching wallpaper paste or border adhesive. You should be aware of all this, that this Glue is not so unscathed to replace.

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