Christmas wall tattoos

Wall tattoos as winter Christmas decorations

Christmas wall tattoos: wall

Even before the holidays, Santa Claus and his entourage are snowing into their living room and creating a festive mood. Silently and quietly he disappears again at the end of December, leaving no visible traces. Nobody realizes that he was ever there. How it works? In the form of a wall tattoo.

For the best time of the year The creatives of the Bremen-based company your-design-shop have come up with something special: Christmas decorations that do not adorn the tree but your own four walls.

Christmas wall tattoos: tree

Moose Fantasia, singing angels, various baubles and sayings adorn the walls of the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and children's room and make for a cozy atmosphere.

The self-adhesive wall tattoos Stick to every wallpaper and almost every surface, They are available in different colors and shapes. If the comfortable time is over, they can be easily removed and replaced with other pictures. Important for late Christmas buyers: As a rule, the motifs are delivered within three days.

More ideas and design options to wall tattoos you can find on our pages about wallpapers and wall tattoos.

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About your-design-shopThe Bremen advertising agency tx-design founded the subsidiary your-design-shop in the summer of 2008. Web programmer Murat Uyar, graphic designer Tobias Kroeger and advertising technician Peter Schmal develop high quality wall tattoos in around 300 different shapes and 30 different colors. The motifs are designed by graphic designers and design pieces only available in the online shop. The stickers hold on almost all surfaces and can be removed without leaving any residue.

Print the Christmas tree and hang it on the wall

Christmas wall tattoos: tattoos

Christmas tree to go - Christmas tree dummy for hanging (Product image:

If you can not set up a Christmas tree for reasons of space, you will appreciate this special Christmas tree dummy: Christmas tree to go. - It is a photo of a lush decorated Christmas tree printed on a fabric banner and can simply be hung on the wall to simulate a feast tree.

The Christmas tree is for hanging High quality printed and available in different sizes. A nail in the wall is enough to hang the cord on the handrails. There are five different Christmas tree designs to choose from - depending on the taste in terms of tree decorations.

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