Restore closet

To work little miracles with paint

Restore closet: paint

Closet before restoration (Photo: Deutsches Lackinstitut)

What people throw on the bulky waste! Certainly, much of it is completely expendable. But this beautiful, old closet, which has seen better days... After the two moldings had received their usual place "on the roof", the find piece was first pickled.

The jelly-like stripper applied with a flat brush quickly dissolved the old layers of paint, which could be easily removed with a spatula, at least on the smooth surfaces. Only the door had it in itself. Here, the old paintings were particularly persistent, so that the paint stripper had to be applied several times. The same was true for the milled ornaments. Then the cabinet was thoroughly cleaned with a cloth and nitro thinner. One could also have taken water for this process - undoubtedly the more environmentally friendly method. But then, until the cupboard had been completely dry again, it would have to wait several days to continue working.

Restore closet: paint

Closet after the restoration (Deutsches Lackinstitut

After the sandpaper cabinet was carefully sanded, it received a blue-backed insulating primer which, after drying, was sanded with fine sandpaper to "spot" emerged wood fibers for a smooth finish. Then the Zuspachteln of cracks and knotholes with a wood filler on epoxy resin basis. These spots were lightly sanded after drying. Last operation: Coating with thick-layer glaze on acrylic basis. The color is available in every hardware store and at many retailers in many shades, can easily pass and dries quickly. The brush is then simply washed out with water. The work is over, and it was worth it. From a piece of lumber has become an attractive eye-catcher, the one envied some.

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