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Rocket - that sounds like sun, pine trees, Tuscany and very Italian. What "Senfrauke" sounds like we do not want to comment here, but in Germany, the plant is known since ancient times under this name and seen in this country old hat. Even the Teutons used the bitter-hot herb, also as a sexual enhancer.

Grow the rocket

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Unnoticed, the herb, which grew excellently with us, grew in wild gardens and along the wayside; the sharp taste made it unpopular in German cuisine.

Only with the triumphal procession of Italian cuisine did the rocket return to the table; Time-and trend-appropriate in "Rucola" renamed. The rocket recipes multiply explosively since then, even at discounters, the supposed "Noble Salad" is available.

But from the own garden he tastes much, much better: We give tips and hints to the Rucola-Rauken-Senfrauken-cultivation in the own garden.


Grow rocket salad

Arugula is a kind of mixture of cabbage and lettuce plant, so it needs a moist and loose soil and some space to grow. Sandy-loamy ground and a sunny location are ideal.

The sowing should take place in approximately 1 cm deep and 15 cm spaced grooves, which are sealed after sprinkling the seed and well-poured.

For the salad should be harvested the rocket, as long as he is still young. The older, larger leaves taste very severe and are sharp-bitter; These can be used well for seasoning.

Rucola recipe suggestions

Rocket in the bed

Rocket can be used in the kitchen quite diverse. Since the strict taste as a "pure" salad is not for everyone, it is often interspersed in salads as additional seasoning.

If you like it spicy and strong, you can do it once Arugula carpaccio try: The thin, raw beef slices (available in the supermarket) are placed on a rocket bed, dressed with olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper and sprinkled with freshly shaved Parmesan cheese.

Older rocket leaves are excellent for their intense taste Pasta dishes, risottos or soups be mixed. Almost a classic is also the Rocket Pizza: Filled with Parma ham and fresh Parmesan cheese, it is also enjoying growing popularity in Germany.

Incidentally, the name "Senfrauke" is no coincidence: The plant has a high content of mustard oils, similar to radish or cress, only more intense. Their creativity in the use of arugula in the kitchen is therefore limited in taste.

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