How is the stairwell defined?

The stairwell is not the same as the stairwell. The eye of a coiled or counter-rotating staircase is the clear space that forms in its middle - the stairwell, on the other hand, is a recess that already exists before the staircase has even been installed. Where is the stairwell and what are its structural features?

Synonyms for «stairway»

For the stairwell, some other common names are used, which a builder and do-it-yourselfers should know. These synonyms exist:

  • Stairs breakthrough
  • stairwell
  • stairs recess
  • cover hole
  • ceiling opening
  • Ceiling opening
  • replacement
  • ceiling recess

What exactly is the stairwell?

The above designations suggest that the stairwell is a recess in the ceiling intended to pass the staircase.

Thus, in contrast to the stairwell, the stairwell already exists if there are no stairs at all. The opening must be statically designed so that it can carry its weight portion of the staircase in the exit area - including additional payload.

In addition, there are fixed rules for the size of the staircase passageway light and the distance to other construction elements of the house (for example, to sloping ceilings and doors).

Shapes and dimensions of staircases

There are round stair wells for spiral staircases, square stair wells and rectangular ones. Also, the ceiling section may consist of irregular shapes, depending on how staircase and space are designed.

Plan the stairwell so that there is always at least 200 cm headroom so that no user of the staircase collides with the ceiling. With a usable width of 90 cm, you need at least 15 cm wider ceiling opening in the raw dimensions.

It is best to have the dimensions of your stairwell calculated by a specialist to make sure that everything fits exactly. Staircase construction is custom work, which should always be done professionally, especially to avoid safety deficiencies.

Tips & Tricks

When creating a new stairwell, the structural engineer is always in demand. Only the expert knows exactly whether the ceiling may be milled out and whether it can then carry the weight of a staircase.

Video Board: Escherian Stairwell Deconstruction