As good as new: These costs are incurred in a sofa repair

There is not always the need to replace a damaged sofa with a new one. In many cases, the old couch can be repaired again, whether by hand or by a professional. However, the professional work can be quite expensive, depending on what you need to do. To compensate, the piece of furniture then looks like new again.

The professional takes care of these defects

The cost of repairing a sofa can vary greatly depending on where the problem lies. If it is just a small defect that does not require a deep intervention, then the price for this service is of course lower than if the entire couch has to be disassembled.

A good repair company deals with the removal of many different defects. In the following list you will find the regular services of the experts:

  • professional cleaning, surface and depth
  • complete disinfection
  • Impregnation of the surface
  • Aufpolsterungsarbeiten
  • Repair of the spring core
  • Installation of spare parts
  • Repair of backrests and sofa legs
  • Revision of leather upholstery

Regarding the price, it all depends on which service you book exactly and how complicated the execution is. From 20 to 2,000 euros, pretty much anything can be possible.

Concrete cost example: the repair of a sofa

The old sofa has become uncomfortable, the upholstery is hanging and the cover is faded. Because the good piece was really expensive and also has a very special style, the Müller family has it completely overhauled.

Cost overviewprice
1. Revise spring core250 EUR
2. pad up again150 EUR
3. Reclaim the sofa350 EUR
total750 EUR

How to save on the cost of repairing your sofa money!

You see: A complete overhaul of the couch can really go into the money, and while the said price is still moderate. If you dare, you can lend a hand to many things and thereby relieve your finances.

Broken sofa legs, for example, are relatively easy to replace, and there is also a suitable remedy for stubborn dirt in relation to them. Even the Aufpolstern takes one or the other gifted layman in the hand.

Tips & Tricks

If the sofa just does not look pretty, it may be enough to put a matching cover over the furniture. Then it fits in a lot better visually in the living room.

Product Image: Antlio / Shutterstock

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