How do I heat my prefabricated house best?

If you are interested in a prefabricated house, the type of heating plays a crucial role. Especially with the expensive energy prices of today, efficiency is more important than ever. Here's how to heat your prefab house and save money.

The insulation is crucial

To a modern, energy-saving heating indispensably an equally good insulation. If this is insufficient or even weak, the best heater will not help you. Therefore, you should just seal the outer wall and "gaps" such as windows or the front door perfectly.

Turnkey or expansion house?

Another important role in the heating of a prefabricated house is the way you have "ordered" it: If it is a development house, the installation of the heating system is one of your tasks, in a turnkey house, this is already done.

How do I heat my prefabricated house best?: heating

However, it is recommended in a house extension anyway, a competent heating engineer to help. Because a functioning heating system is a complex technical system in which even the smallest construction errors can lead to malfunctions.

Which heating options does a prefabricated house have?

Although most prefabricated houses are already largely finished, the choice of heating is still up to you: whether oil or gas heating or maybe even a fireplace, all the heating possibilities of a massive house can also be used in prefabricated houses.

Underfloor heating systems are also becoming increasingly popular: they can produce uniform, room-filling heat. In addition, you get no cold feet, which is a not insignificant contribution to an improved sense of space.

Above all, the increasingly massive structure of prefabricated buildings ensures better thermal insulation and an almost unlimited choice of heating.

Are there any savings?

Since the heating technology in prefabricated houses requires no changes or adjustments compared to "normal" houses, you can not count on price savings. This is also a good sign, since the prefabricated house has no disadvantages compared to the massive house.

Tips & Tricks

First the insulation, then the heating: If you have the suspicion of energy loss or lower heat output, a new heater brings something only if the insulation is right.

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