How is autumn colored?

Why do the leaves fall from the trees in autumn?

How is autumn colored?: colored

In autumn, the native trees wear a colorful canopy before the leaves fall to the ground and they prepare for the cold season. What on the one hand is a magnificent sight, means a lot of work for garden owners. Because the discarded leaves must be cleared away and composted. But why does the leaves fall from the trees? The reason is the frosty temperatures from late autumn to spring.

Large, old deciduous trees evaporate several hundred liters of water a day via the foliage, which they balance by steadily absorbing water and nutrients via the roots from the soil. The evaporation takes place via stomata in the leaves, which, in conjunction with the root pressure, provide the necessary suction. - A process called a transpiration pump. In frost, the trees can not absorb liquid, but continue to evaporate water over their leaves. As protection against the thirst, they throw off the leaves.

Why does the foliage discolour in autumn?

Already in late summer, the trees begin to prepare for the winter: they extract important nutrients from the foliage and store them for the next year. This leads to a decreasing concentration of chlorophyll, which gives the leaves their green color. The loss of nutrients leads to a degradation process in which other dyes arise or appear more dominant and give the foliage its particular autumn color. At the end of this process, the stem lobes on the branch, so that the nutrient supply finally ends and the leaves fall to the ground. In addition, the cork layer prevents pathogens and pests from entering the tree.

With the mild temperatures in spring drive out the trees and form new leaves and finally buds. Only then do they pull nutrients and water back over the roots and supply the new shoots before the leaves are thrown off again in the autumn.

Trees and plants with colorful autumn colors

How is autumn colored?: foliage

The maple leaves turn yellowish to reddish

Garden owners who are in the fall colorful plants and leaves To enjoy, there is a large selection of many plants available.

In many gardens and parks enjoys the Maple with its yellowish to reddish foliage the eye of the beholder. Its splendid colors are surpassed only by the foliage of the Amber Tree (Liquidambar styraciflua), which accepts yellow-orange over red to black-violet various colors. The Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba), with its golden yellow leaves, explodes before dropping its fan-like leaves in autumn.

How is autumn colored?: foliage

The ginkgo leaves radiate in autumn in the rich golden yellow

There are many other shrubs and trees, which take on a magnificent color in autumn. That's how it counts the magnificent bell (Enkianthus) with its delicate bells to the evergreen shrubs. The pear (Amelanchier) shows itself with orange to dark red leaves, while the crown of the ironwood tree (Parrotia persica) shimmers orange and violet.

The cork winged shrub (Euonymus alatus), which becomes two-three meters high, embellished with red leaves every garden. Less known for the autumn coloring, however, is the Great Feathergill Shrub (Fothergilla major) with orange and red shades up to a golden yellow color.

Besides, take also some climbing plants in the autumn a beautiful coloring, as for example the wild wine (Parthenocissus) with deep-red leaves, the climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala) with yellow-colored leaves or the yellow to chamois scarlet wine (Vitis coignetiae).

Collect leaves: When is the best time?

How is autumn colored?: autumn

Spread on beds, the leaves protect the sensitive roots

The leaves are thrown at the trees during the autumn. Therefore, garden owners should use the Laubharken in the garden bis waiting to insert the first frost, On sidewalks, squares or driveways, however, fallen leaves should be removed regularly to prevent slipping.

For whom working with rake and shovel is too laborious, he reaches for the leaf vacuum. For areas in which gravel is laid, the blowing function of the device is used. So the foliage is blown by the gravel on a paved or lawn area and can be absorbed there.

On the grass should remove the leaves completely before the onset of winter Otherwise, the wet under him and the lawn has rotten, yellowish spots on. On flower and vegetable beds, among shrubs and around the trunk of fruit trees, it remains as an excellent fertilizer. At the same time it forms an insulating layer and protects the roots of the plants in winter. It also serves as a shelter for beneficial insects, such as hedgehogs and earthworms. The latter aerate the ground and loosen it up. This gardening should be done no later than the first frost if you make the garden winter proof.

Remove branches and foliage: cut, rake and chop

How is autumn colored?: foliage

A leaf vacuum for quick removal of the leaves

A leaf vacuum sucks up the leaves and collects them in a bag. Some models also have a built-in mini-shredder, which crushes them, so they take up less space in the bag. Most leaf suckers suck in the leaves as a whole, so the bag regularly emptied on the compost must become.

On the lawn, on the other hand, is the autumn leaves with a lawnmower at the highest mowing level collect. The mown leaves are caught in the grass catcher, the contents of which are then composted.

How is autumn colored?: autumn

With a shredder branches are crushed

Who the leaves after the classical method with a rake When returning home, keep a large collection container nearby to avoid the tedious hauling of leaves to the bio-waste bin or compost heap. Tear-resistant, large garbage bags are available to collect the foliage during gardening. After that it can be chopped up or used biologically.

Bulky plant components, such as branches, tendrils or other plant residues, can be minced in a shredder. After crushing can the resulting mulch also be placed on the compost or placed as an insulating layer on flowerbeds and among shrubs.

Compost autumn leaves

How is autumn colored?: autumn

When the autumn leaves are collected, it can environmentally friendly and cost-effective be composted. We explain how to create a compost and how it works.

Compost and composter

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