This is how prices for ready-mix concrete are created

The image of the concrete mixer truck is widely known on German roads. The prices charged when ordering precast concrete in this way are determined by a whole series of factors. This also includes the weather situation, outside temperatures and fluidity of the material.

Influence purchase quantity

For example, those who need ready-mixed concrete to be pumped directly into an excavation pit or formwork have to calculate with different prices than for "normal" unloading. The additional charge needed to make ready-mixed concrete flowable and thus pumpable can be as much as 15 euros per cubic meter.

Another often significant price factor develops from the quantity of ready-mixed concrete taken off. The disposal of residual concrete, which usually occurs at low purchase quantities, is one of the most expensive jobs. Depending on the construction project, it should be precisely calculated whether flexibility for the purchase quantity can be achieved, which can avoid the surcharge of up to fifty euros per cubic meter. These may include:

  • Resizing of concrete volume in foundations (a few centimeters deeper or shallower)
  • Additional structures or fortifications such as point foundations for garden constructions
  • Joint projects with neighbors or other residents

Calculation of a compound price

Who wants to calculate with the prices for ready-made concrete, must set off the basic prices of the selected type of concrete, the factors that increase the price either flat rate or per cubic meter. Concrete-external factors can include significant savings. So it is sometimes worthwhile to take a holiday on an ordinary holiday to avoid the supplier's weekend surcharge.

That's how much ready-mixed concrete costs
1 cubic meter of ready-mix concrete (basic price depending on compressive strength class)about 65-110 EUR
Flowable and pumpable (surcharge per cubic meter)about 5-15 EUR
Setting accelerator (surcharge per cubic meter)about 30 EUR
Antifreeze additive, superplasticizer, pore former and retarder (per cubic meter)about 5 EUR
Winter or cold supplement (per cubic meter)about 5 EUR
Overtime, weekend or holiday surcharge (flat rate per load)about 100-150 EUR
Small or small quantities (per missing cubic meter)about 2 EUR
Residual bedding (flat rate per load)about 50 EUR

Tips & Tricks

Most suppliers and suppliers refer to quantities below five cubic meters as small quantities. If you exceed this amount, you will usually save several cost points at once. Therefore, a possibly possible decrease in quantity increase and giving it to a neighbor make sense.

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