So pros plaster a concrete wall

For a professional plastering of a concrete wall many parameters have to be considered. The industry association Werk & Mörtel e.V., as an umbrella organization of all trades that deal with plaster, differentiates in great detail the factors and conditions to be observed in order to obtain an optimal cleaning result.

The plaster base

For the plastering of a concrete wall, the plaster base represents an important basis for specialist companies. The concrete types are subdivided into lightweight, normal and aerated concrete and in addition a distinction is made between wall panels or wall elements and masonry. The height of the concrete wall is also included in the rating for choosing the right plaster, choosing between floor-to-ceiling and other heights.

The exterior plaster

On the outside, the plaster is evaluated and adjusted in the light of its task, above all according to the characteristics of the individual plaster. In principle, mineral or organically bound plasters are available, which can be applied with or without reinforcement such as tissue plates. The protective effect against rain and other precipitation can be individually influenced by additional coatings or special additives.

Lightweight or normal plaster variants are selected and / or plaster systems can be used. Depending on the structure, systems for plastering a concrete wall generate special values ​​with regard to insulation and rain protection, such as the water absorption quantity, the equivalent air layer thickness for water vapor diffusion and impact rain resistance. Whether any renovation plaster should be used is also part of the rating for an exterior plaster.

The plaster selection

The selection of the matching plaster following the results of the exterior plaster test is decided on the basis of a few further evaluation principles with regard to the conditions. Both the concrete type and its state of preservation are included in the decision-making process. Also important at this point are the aesthetic concerns that plastering should beautify the concrete wall.

The location, shape and environment of the concrete wall are taken into account in the choice of plaster as well as the individual architectural appearance. This phase of decision-making also includes the selection of colors and the determination of a cleaning system. Final decision factor for professional painters is a check of the underground.

The plaster finish

The choice of plaster type is followed by the corresponding plaster finish, which in turn takes into account the factors influencing precipitation, thermal insulation and optical design.

Tips & Tricks

The detailed guidelines of the industrial association WerkMörtel e.V. can be viewed on the Internet as a PDF and are regarded as a standard work for craft enterprises, architects, builders and interested laymen.

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