As rare as possible care of the cowhide carpet gets the shine

A cowhide as a carpet is a pure natural product and related to the leather. Cowhide has nothing in common with textile carpets, which is reflected in the appropriate way of care. Similar to the previous use on the pasture and in the stable, too frequent or intensive treatment is not necessary.

Natural properties are not "cared for"

The cowhide is on a dermis and is durable by tanning and drying. If you buy a cowhide rug, you should accept some natural qualities. A mostly mild animal odor is never completely eliminated. Basically, a cowhide should only be used in the living area as a carpet. Dirt from frequent walking on street shoes requires more frequent cleaning. With every measure, a cowhide loses a little of its natural shine.

Mechanical action on the cowhide should be extremely gentle. Even a brush attacks the natural structure and only neutral liquids of all kinds may reach the cowhide carpet. Natural care measures such as light shaking and airing are generally sufficient. Extreme temperatures such as direct sunlight and overheated or underheated rooms should be avoided.

Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate

A knock on the carpet should be avoided. Loose dirt is removed by shaking. Ideally, the cowhide rug is hung or laid in a light wind, so that any dust accumulation "blown away". When hanging the cowhide must not be kinked. A round carpet bar or an old slatted frame are optimal ventilation devices.

If the cowhide rug needs to be cleaned due to acute soiling, then every measure must be carried out extremely gently. Dabbing and lightly sucking is preferable to tapping, wiping and scrubbing. Moist and wet spots should be dried as soon as possible.

The not entirely avoidable odor can intensify and is then perceived as a stench of Kuhfell carpet. It is up to the personal assessment, from which odor intensity a dwelling impairment is felt. Generally, a cowhide, apart from airing, can be easily perfumed. Subtle deodorants or a few drops of Eau de Toilette can mask or neutralize the odor.

Tips & Tricks

When dispensing fragrances, remember that you can not take back an intensity that you have chosen.

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