How to renovate a detached house?

The walls are damp, the mold is spreading - a clear case for a refurbishment. But how do you do that? In this article, you'll learn when it's time to redevelop, what's important and how you can save money.

Mold - a renovation is necessary

One of the most common reasons for a refurbishment is mold. It has not only created an unpleasant sense of space, but has also been a constant threat to the health of the inhabitants. The first step to eliminate it is to engage a competent refurbishment company: it recognizes the full extent of the white horse, which is often much larger than the visible.

With the extent of the mold it is also clear which parts of the house need to be renovated. Often these are whole walls, the insulation materials contained and other components. The necessary investments are usually high, which is why you should check exactly what needs to be rehabilitated and where the refurbishment company may want to earn "extra" money.

How to renovate a detached house?: renovate

Renovation against energy loss

But moisture and mold are not the only reason for a renovation: If your house is technically or structurally outdated, often emit large amounts of heat energy and drive up heating costs. In such a case, it is clear that the renovation will be worthwhile after a few years or even earlier.

Many older houses give but one more reason for renovation: asbestos. Until it was banned in 1993, it was a hugely popular building material that was characterized by high heat resistance and was elastic enough to mix with other building materials. However, when the carcinogenic effect of the material was detected, it was quickly banned.

If your house is contaminated with asbestos, you should definitely renovate it. Here you have the choice of various renovations: From expensive options such as replacing the affected components to effectively covering with special protection plates everything is possible. It is only important that you live safely and healthy.

Renovation and renovation: the difference

Often the refurbishment of a refurbishment is equated, although there is a crucial difference between these variants: While structural damage such as mold or asbestos requires refurbishment, renovations are more visual improvements, such as changing the wallpaper.

As you can see, a refurbishment is a process in which structural or technical defects of the house are remedied. If it is financially possible, you should refurbish your house as quickly as possible, instead of deferring it.

Tips & Tricks

Find out about various restructuring companies on the Internet to get an experienced and competent provider. He does not do any unnecessary work and advises you in choosing the right refurbishment method to achieve a good result.

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