How to rate your apartment building

If you live in a multiple dwelling, you should rate this to make it easier for other people to choose the dwelling. In this article, you will learn how you too can benefit from reviews and why it is important to rate multi-family homes.

The decision is usually difficult

Especially in cities and metropolitan areas, which are inconceivable without multiple dwellings, many people are looking for a new apartment. The reasons are different: private or professional, but often also because of maladministration in the old apartment building. Especially in the case of previously bad experiences, you want to know that the new house will enable you to live better. The only way to do this is the experience and reviews of other residents who already have experience with the house in question.

Rate on the internet

To help make apartment seekers more confident, you should rate your home on the Internet, which is accessible to the majority of people. Criteria may be, for example, the sound insulation of the home, the equipment, the condition, the neighborhood or infrastructural connections in the vicinity.

How to rate your apartment building: building

This not only makes it easier for those interested to make the decision, it also "drives" the black sheep among the landlords to improve their apartment buildings. Because if one or more houses are already poorly rated and have a corresponding reputation, the rental becomes more difficult.

Take advantage of reviews

Are you looking for a new apartment yourself? Then you will notice how helpful the reviews of other residents in the choice of housing can be. After the pure descriptions of the landlords, all apartments are good; Valuations, on the other hand, are and remain independent.

Certain criteria, such as good sound insulation, are particularly important to you? On the Internet, you can easily compare on the basis of assessments, which multi-family house meets this criterion most likely. Without reviews you would have to rely on the landlord or what you saw during a visit - but many things are only in hindsight out.

Tips & Tricks

Personal experiences are sometimes even more informative and helpful than written reviews on the internet. So ask the residents directly to get a reliable picture.

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