How to easily cut polystyrene sheets

Styrofoam boards are used in interior design, as cladding and in various other areas. Often the panels must be cut before use. Here are several ways to get a straight and clean cut.

Different ways to cut polystyrene

As simple as polystyrene boards are in use, a few things should be considered when cutting them. Anyone who has ever cut styrofoam knows the crumbling of the small beads, that it must be prevented. To keep a straight cut and prevent it from crumbling, you have several options. You can choose between different tools:

  • Cutting tools with a hot wire
  • Special styrofoam cutter
  • the classic carpet knife or cutter
  • a sharp knife with a narrow blade
  • special insulation knife

The correct processing of polystyrene plates

With a special knife for cutting Styrofoam or another knife with a sharp and narrow blade, cutting is usually not a problem. Whether you use the right knife or not, see how the knife goes through the Styrofoam plate. Ideally, the knives slide smoothly through the material without tearing apart the individual beads. However, even the sharpest knives have their limits, for example in complicated cuts such as tight curves. Here you usually do not get far with a craft knife or a sharp kitchen knife. The same applies to a saw, which often gets stuck in the material.

If you need to cut larger quantities and curves

If you use styrofoam plates in larger quantities or if you often need to cut bends or curves, it is best to use a special tool. One such tool is a hot wire device, the blade of which is heated by electric current. With the heated blade, the cutter glides smoothly through the material, with no need for curves or more complicated cutouts.

On what you should pay attention to when Styrofoam plates cut

Besides using a proper knife or tool, it is always important to do a trial cut. For this purpose, a no longer required rest of the material offers. If you use an electric heating wire device, you should not exert too much pressure. Work a little slower and more focused.

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