How to properly trim vinyl laminate

Vinyl laminate floor coverings are very durable and easy to work with. The simple floors are laid thanks to click vinyl in an instant. However, to get a perfect result and a durable floor, you should still note some points. Here's what's important when cutting and laying click vinyl.

What you should consider before processing

As with other laminate flooring, click vinyl also requires some time for acclimatization before processing before starting work. Store the panels lying in the room where they will later be laid. Make sure that the room is heated when the outdoor temperature is too low. Before you start laying, you should think about how best to cut each panel. The laminate floor made of vinyl can really score here. The processing is quite simple:

  • First, slightly scratch the board to be cut with a utility knife or cutter. Pay attention to a clean and straight cut.
  • Now you can easily break the board to be cut thanks to the predetermined breaking point produced with the knife. Hold the piece in such a way that a clean edge can be created when breaking off.
  • The piece prepared in this way can be fitted very easily by carefully pressing it against the front and long sides of the already laid plank until it clicks into place.

The advantages of this approach

As you can see, this type of vinyl floor is very easy to prepare for work and subsequent laying. You can divide the individual panels very precisely and just as easily into fitting pieces and do not need much time or special tools. However, use only high quality knives for this job, so you get clean cut edges. Furthermore, when using cheap and unsuitable knives, you only risk safety at work.

Cutting vinyl made easy

It is best if you prepare a commercial knife or knife before starting work, as well as a pencil and an angle. Before cutting, mark the corresponding interface with a pencil. The angle ensures that the marking can be placed at exactly the right angle and above all straight. Now the actual bleed follows with the help of the knife. Again, it is best to use the angle you place along the pencil line and then carefully guide the knife along it. It now creates a breaking point, which you then break off with both hands at the scratched place down. Ideally you will get a clean edge without fringes by breaking. The piece of flooring is now ready to be laid.

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