How to properly cut and process corrugated sheets

Corrugated sheets are popular building materials, which are characterized by a relatively simple processing. Before you can mount the plates, you must cut them correctly and with the appropriate tools. Read what matters.

Correctly process and install corrugated sheets

Well corrugated roofs make it easy to roof roofs of carports, garden sheds or greenhouses. Depending on the material, the panels are considered cheap, easy to clean, unbreakable and resistant to UV rays. Their durability and practical use, however, the plates can only meet under certain conditions, namely by the correct processing. Depending on the material, the plates are sometimes very different from each other. For example, there are plates made of the following materials:

  • acrylic
  • Fiberglass plastic (GRP)
  • polycarbonate
  • PVC

Which should cut the corrugated sheets

To cut or saw the plates you need the right tool, such as a circular saw or a table saw with high speeds. This must be equipped with a fine-toothed saw blade. It is also advantageous if the saw blade is equipped with special carbide cutting edges. With the right saw blade, you can saw the corrugated sheets without problems, without causing cracks. If you are not sure whether the machine and blade you are using is best for you, it is best to do a trial cut, paying particular attention to whether or not there are cracks during cutting or after. This should not happen under any circumstances.

What else you should consider when processing corrugated sheets

Of course it is not only important how and with what you bring the plates to the desired level. The dimensions themselves are very important. You should cut the panels so that they can be mounted on the roof with sufficient height coverage of about 150 to 200 millimeters. Depending on the weather conditions, you should lay the panels so that they overlap at least one, or even better, two shafts. As a result, no moisture can penetrate into the interstices of the plates, even in particularly heavy rain or heavy wind loads. If this is not enough, you can use special sealants for this purpose. When cutting it is important that you make this before mounting the plates, taking into account the appropriate height overlaps.

Other ways of cutting corrugated sheets

Some people also cut corrugated sheets with other aids and thus achieve more or less good results. For example, you can use a jigsaw. However, this should be set to maximum lift, and you should also stop the pendulum stroke to prevent the plates from tearing when sawing. Do not exert too much pressure on the plates, as otherwise the cut edges will become very dirty. If you only need to cut a few plates, a jigsaw is usually sufficient. But if you have to cut many plates, it is better to use a circular saw.

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