Burn asbestos? All facts about disposal

Again and again some do-it-yourselfers have the idea to simply bury their garbage in the garden or even burn it in case of doubt. Even with the disposal of asbestos, this idea then comes up happy once. Of course, there is hardly anything that works less than burning asbestos. Incidentally, asbestos must not be buried in any way.

Properties of asbestos

It quickly becomes clear why burning asbestos is so nonsense when you look at the original use of asbestos in materials and materials. Asbestos is highly resistant to heat and was installed as an example in night storage heaters and heating systems as insulation. Also in fire protection suits for firefighters, for example, asbestos has been incorporated as insulation.

Asbestos can therefore not burn. The really bad thing about these experiments, however, is that the fine invisible fibers of asbestos, which have dissolved through the processing, spread in the environment during combustion. Through the fire then rise true clouds of smoke with highly toxic asbestos fibers in the air. Not only the handyman, who kindles the fire, is burdened with the harmful fibers, but also many neighbors and the family.

  • Do not burn asbestos
  • Do not bury asbestos
  • Asbestos not in the dustbin
  • Never work asbestos without respiratory protection

Dispose of asbestos properly

Small amounts of asbestos-containing material can be removed even with a very good respiratory protection and possibly a protective suit. Children and other family members should not be in the house or garden during this work.

Asbestos boards can be lightly moistened with water so that the fine dust does not spread into the air. The materials are then packed in solid films and big bags and taken to the landfill for disposal. Ask in advance, to what amount the landfill accepts asbestos-containing materials from private individuals.

  • Respiratory mask / dust mask
  • gloves
  • protective suit
  • Moisten materials
  • wrap in foil or big bag
  • bring to the landfill

Tips & Tricks

The attempt to burn asbestos has a certain resemblance to suicides that intentionally go wrong on the highway. Many other people are affected and the polluter himself exposes himself to an almost guaranteed cancer.

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