Asbestos in glass wool - detect and dispose

Whether in the glass wool, which is still used everywhere at home, may possibly contain asbestos, can not be determined at first glance usually. Also in mineral wool or rock wool, the harmful asbestos fibers may be included. Here we show you how to recognize the danger of asbestos in the glass wool. You will also get an overview of the disposal of the material.

Glass wool - yellow and shiny

The clearer the color of a material, the less likely it is to contain asbestos. Asbestos is always gray or gray-brown, making sure that a material that contains asbestos also has a grayish color. The really clear glass wool, which has a rich yellow color, will therefore rarely contain asbestos.

Mineral wool - rock wool

Mineral wool or rock wool contains asbestos much more frequently than yellow glass wool. However, it also contains other fibers that are also suspected of causing cancer. In most landfills mineral wool is treated the same as an asbestos-containing material, as the harmless variant can not be distinguished from the questionable mineral wool.


  • Color greyish or greyish brown
  • Year of manufacture before 1993
  • Laboratory examination of the fibers

Dispose of asbestos-containing material

The insulation material that is suspected of asbestos must be wrapped in a closed foil. If you want to do this work yourself, you should definitely wear a very good dust mask. Even a disposable protective suit is urgently recommended. You should really dispose of them after work and not just shake them off and put them on again. Otherwise they would distribute the harmful fibers that are completely invisible to the suit, in the environment or in the home, and later inhale them.

  • Wear protective clothing
  • Pack the material in foil
  • Special disposal at landfill

Tips & Tricks

If you still have night storage heaters that have been insulated with yellow glass wool, you should nevertheless commission a specialist for disposal. In the night storage devices are in addition to asbestos-containing plates under certain circumstances even chrome-VI-containing storage stones. Although these are completely safe when installed, they should not be broken.

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