Remove asbestos - comply with regulations

Asbestos was still used until the late 1980s, although the carcinogenic effect had been known since the early 1970s. Today, the craftsmen and homeowners high demands are placed on disposal. Asbestos panels were often used in multi-family houses as wall or ceiling panels.

Floor - ceiling - wall

Asbestos boards were a particularly popular material because they are very light and at the same time have good strength. The then known as flex plates asbestos-containing panels were used in housing really everywhere. They can be found on the wall as well as on the floor or under the ceiling.

Adhesive for flex plates

The adhesive with which the oh so practical plates were attached often also contained asbestos. Not only does asbestos dissolve out of the plates when it comes to disposal, but the adhesive also splits off these damaging fibers during flexing.

Undamaged - not dangerous

As long as you do not damage the panels, no harmful fibers will escape. However, when removing the asbestos panels, certified specialists from a specialist company must be commissioned. Companies must meet certain requirements and professionals must take state exams to remove asbestos.

  • Request a special company - get an offer
  • check state approval
  • Have material checked if in doubt about asbestos resistance
  • Hire special company

Glue for asbestos - remove or cover

The special adhesives used to fix the asbestos-containing panels were previously allowed to be simply covered or sealed after removal of the asbestos panels. Now, however, the state restrictions that apply to removal have been tightened. Only in 2012 were the provisions, for example, by the State Office for Occupational Safety in Berlin, for the expansion of asbestos-containing plates again tightened. However, other state offices have similarly strict regulations, such as the Hamburg Office for Occupational Safety and Health.

Tips & Tricks

If you encounter such adhesive layers on the floor or on the ceilings in a house that you want to renovate, you should theoretically hire a specialist company. If you sand off the adhesive layer yourself, release the harmful fibers. These are not only included in the work in the room air, but also put in all the cracks and can harm other people inside the house.

Video Board: How to Remove Asbestos. Owner Builder Series. Episode 5.