Asian chic: Build your own Japanese sliding door

Flexible room dividers and aesthetically designed sliding doors characterize living spaces in Asian style. The best part: The practical accessories are relatively cheap to have, if you access to the saw itself and cordless screwdriver for the production itself. We will explain how to easily build a Japanese sliding door yourself, including the design of the door leaf.

What should the door leaf look like?

Japanese sliding doors are characterized by a lightweight design and airy look, they have a room-separating function and beautify your home. How should your Japanese door leaf be designed?

The airy wooden frame construction is in any case suitable for a Japanese sliding door, but you only have to build a sturdy wooden framework, which is divided into individual compartments. For example, use Nordic pine.

Cover your wooden frame from one side with synthetic fiber-reinforced Japanese paper, which is available in many different decors. With this paper you can also make visually matching lampshades.

How to build your Japanese sliding door

Now you only have to hang your self-made Japanese door leaf in a sliding door device. For this purpose, you buy yourself a suitable mounting set for sliding doors in the hardware store or in a relevant online store.

  • Take precise measurements and cut the rails to the correct length.
  • Mark the drill holes for the top track on the ceiling.
  • Drill the holes and lower the dowels.
  • Screw the top track to the ceiling.
  • If you do not want to build a sliding door, now mount the floor guide rail in the same way.
  • Hang the trolleys in the upper track.
  • Add a second person who can hold your door.
  • Fit the door leaf together.
  • Screw the rollapart to the top of the door.
  • Do not forget to install the lever guard on both sides to prevent your sliding door from falling out.

Stylish door handle mount

Finally, you can do some minor work to get the perfect finish for your project: For example, install stylish handles on your new Japanese sliding door, for example, in the dragon décor, or apply a painting on the door leaf.

Tips & Tricks

Do not use raw wood to build your door leaf! Treat the valuable natural material beforehand with wax or oil to protect it and at the same time enhance the look.

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