Renew aspects of the staircase

From time to time it can not be avoided, the stairwell has to be renewed. It is usually the same with the stairs renovated. In a multiple dwelling, however, the regulations for fire protection should be strictly observed when renovating the staircase. For example, no combustible materials such as wood paneling may be used.

Mending the stairs

Before you start renovating the staircase, take a look at the stairs. With a wooden staircase, the steps can be renovated quite well. However, you should also consider whether a wooden staircase is still allowed. Otherwise, in a large apartment building you should prefer to switch to a new refractory material.

Cover levels

The steps of a wooden staircase should, of course, only be worked up after the walls have been renovated. In any case, you should cover the stairs while working with Malervlies. But you have to stick this well, so that no trip hazard arises.

Also in other ways you can cover the stairs. There are now replacement stages, which are pushed completely over the old stage. This will save you the sanding and refurbishing of the steps.

Handrail and railing

Does the handrail have the right height required today? Is the railing still safe and reliable? These questions should primarily be answered when renovating the stairwell. After all, it's not just about beautification, but more about safety.

Renew and illuminate

In the private as well as in the public staircase, the lighting has changed completely in recent years. It is now possible to illuminate a staircase much better and at significantly lower running costs.

New lighting in the new staircase

  • less point lighting
  • long light bands
  • LED lighting saves costs
  • Stair switching with automatic
  • AC circuit

Install smoke vent

During renovation, it is a good time to install manual smoke extraction in a single-family home. The costs are often manageable, but the benefits are very high.

Tips & Tricks

Always use bright friendly colors in the stairwell. It is not just a question of personal taste, but above all a matter of safety in the staircase. However, you should also incorporate contrasts. So it is positive if the handrail differs in color from the wall.

Video Board: How to update a staircase the easy way