Asphalt has cracks - what can you do?

Even asphalt does not last forever - just weather and temperature change put the coating often and the asphalt rips in some places. How this can come about and how to repair such cracks yourself can be found in our article.

Causes of damage to the asphalt

An asphalt surface must defy many factors:

  • UV radiation
  • high temperatures in the summer
  • Frost in winter and temperature changes
  • natural aging
  • Loads on the ceiling
  • Loads from the substructure (existing cracks or movements "breaking through" at the top)

All of these factors cause the asphalt to slowly lose its elasticity. Especially at high temperatures in summer, the elasticity of asphalt is significantly lower anyway, with increasing age of the pad, it also decreases in addition.

The result is fine, with the naked eye invisible micro-cracks in the surface. Over time, as elasticity decreases further, these cracks can increase.

By adding moisture through the ceiling, especially in winter, cracks can expand very quickly. The infiltrated water freezes, increasing its volume by almost 10%, literally bursting open the cracks. In the alternation between freezing and thawing, this process runs off many times in succession.

Pothole formation

From the ever-increasing cracks are ever deeper furrows and if nothing is done, the cracks broaden soon to massive potholes.

Here repairs are already significantly more expensive. Potholes can also add relatively much water to the substructure, which even speeds up the process of pothole formation. In a relatively short time the pavement then resembles a lunar landscape.

A timely repair even with small cracks in the asphalt is so crucial so that it does not come to large, complex to repair damage later.

Repair of cracks

Filling cracks is not difficult and easy to do. But you should thoroughly examine each crack before and check some things:

  • Depth of the crack (if more than 10 cm deep you have to fill in depth with concrete)
  • Fragility of the crack edges
  • existing loose material in the crack

Filling the cracks is quite easy. We have created a special guide for you in our special article.

Tips & Tricks

Also pay attention to whether cracks occur again and again in certain places. In this case, the problem could well be in the ground underneath.

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