Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: your

Do not feel like the furniture from the brochure or the catalog? rather be creative and realize ideas? Then with our guide, just build the new coffee table yourself - one that is not on the planet for a second time. This can be realized with a bit of skill at a reasonable price. The unique charm of such a DIY furniture is priceless anyway. Our construction manual can be implemented in many variants in their own style.

The design of the middle can consist of the most different materials. A mosaic of beautiful old cement tiles, pebbles, wooden discs, flotsam - the own ideas are no limits. It is only important to realize before purchasing material, how high that is what you want to insert in the middle, so that it fits the height of the plywood panels.

If you like, you can end up pouring out the middle surface with epoxy resin or another commercially available laminating resin or apply a glass plate. The same is true of the legs. For the purists among us, it can be very simple pieces of wood. Who wants to make it a bit easier, can buy ready-made table legs or like us, old table legs from the flea market. So each self-made coffee table is unique. Last but not least, painting or finishing is a matter of taste. We have chosen a subtle shabby chic finish.

Planning and preparation

Tools to build such a wooden table yourself:

  • Scroll saw, router or jigsaw
  • Crosscut and miter saw o. Ä.
  • grinding machine
  • sanding block
  • clamps
  • screwdriver
  • brush

When we Build a coffee table yourself, we determine the following dimensions before purchasing materials:

  • the length and width of the table
  • the height of the table top.

Our example of a self-made coffee table: The length and width results for us from the surface of the wood letters plus all around 13 cm frame (circa). The height of the letters gives a basic dimension of 24 mm for the plate thickness. We cut three times the same size from a 12 mm thick plywood board and glued the first two together in advance. When all three are glued at the end, the table top has a thickness of 36 mm.

material list

material requirementsDimensions and descriptionquantityCosts as of 1/2017 online and DIY store
Plywood panel poplar70 x 77 x 12 mm3 pieces
Plywood panel poplar10 x 10 x 12 mm4 pieces40 € for 1.7 m²
table legs4 pieces12 € flea market
Pressure Errei lettersupon need31 € Ebay
wood glue10 € Amazon
screw4.5 x 40 mm partial thread36 pieces5 € DIY store
Chalky Paint (chalk color)White11 € Amazon
Chalky Paint (chalk color)old white (gray)13 € Amazon
Shabby wax10 € Amazon
abrasive paper240s very fine1 € DIY store

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: build

Materials for a shabby coffee table

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: table

Required tools may vary

Step 1: glue two plates

At the beginning, we glued two of the three plywood boards exactly on top of each other. The plates should be dust-free. Then we can spread wood glue evenly on the first of the two plates with a fine notched trowel. The second is now placed exactly on top and fastened with eight clamps (two on each side). Attention: depending on the type and design of the clamps, it is best to use small wooden discs or similar. inferior so that there are no pressure points. Glue that wipes off at the wheels. The glue must now completely dry - please note the manufacturer's instructions. Depending on the purpose for which you want to build a wooden table yourself, you decide between normal and waterproof wood glue. We take waterproof if something tilts.

2nd step: Saw out the cutout

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: table

Saw out with the decorating or jigsaw

According to our chosen insert of wooden letters, we now draw the section on the already glued plate exactly in the middle. To cut out the cutout, we need a suitable tool. This is suitable a scroll saw, router or, if necessary, jigsaw. The scroll saw works cleanly and slowly, if the model is large enough for the cut, then this tool is a good choice but only for relatively small material thicknesses. The router also works very clean and with a corresponding stop very straight. However, here is no 90 degree angle possible, so that the corners must be reworked. If you take a jigsaw, then the cut is not quite so clean and it must be sanded accordingly.

We decide on the scroll saw, For this we first drill a hole and insert the jigsaw here in order to prepare a rough cutout. Then the workpiece can be guided easier and better in the scroll saw. In addition, one avoids so that the cut verges.

Step 3: Glue the table tops together and check the cutout

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: table

Many screw clamps ensure even pressure
  • The cut, now 24 mm thick plate on the third 12 mm plate - exactly as described in the first step.
  • Check how well our letters fit into the cut-out at the top of the tabletop.
  • Feeding small column z. B. with narrow strips or wood residues, if necessary.
  • Take a picture so that the arrangement can be restored after painting
  • and then take everything out again.

Step 4: Saw and prepare table legs to size

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: chabby-chic

Shorten table legs to the desired size

If you can ever build a coffee table yourself, then he can also get the optimal height. The table legs are marked on this personally ideal measure - we have 44 cm. Then we cut the legs exactly with the miter saw and miter saw. The edges and edges are sanded clean and also the legs are sanded. Next, each leg of the head gets one of the 10 x 10 x 1.2 cm plates that we had cut. To do this, we drill 4 holes in each of the plates and the legs (3.5 mm drill bit). Either directly through the plate into the table leg or with a suitable drilling template, which can be easily made from a thin board or even from a cardboard. Then the troughs for the countersunk screws are drilled four times at these places. We have placed the table legs on the outer edge of the small table leg plates, because we will attach them relatively far outside. But it's the same in the middle.

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: your

Mark the position of the table legs

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: build

Pre-drill screw holes individually

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: chabby-chic

Holding board can also be drilled directly on the table leg

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: instructions

Screwed mounting plate on the table leg

Step 5: Table top - round off corners and grind

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: chabby-chic

You can be creative for suitable curves

After drying Take our now 36 mm thick tabletop and draw - with a compass or a round object - a corner rounding (see picture).

After the sign The saw is used. And then it means: grinding, grinding, grinding until everything is straight and smooth. For this we use the grinding machine and the sanding block. If there are small quirks, you should already compensate with a putty before.

The sharp edges are broken a little bit by the grinding, that is grind a little bit more round. Thoroughly remove dust and prime if necessary.

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: instructions

Saw off the curves with the jigsaw

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: table

Grind all surfaces evenly

6th step: mount legs to the wooden table

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: table

Align and fix table legs as desired

Place the tabletop on the table with the bottom side up and Mark the position of the homemade table leg plates.

Now your legs upside down - So with the 10 x 10 cm plates down - place as marked. We drill through the prepared holes of the small plates into the tabletop (with the 3.5 mm drill bit) and screw in all four legs.

Step 7: Paint the tabletop and legs with chalk paint

If you want to achieve a shabby look, you will have to cancel in advance a layer of darker chalk paint - we take Antique Gray. After drying (please note the manufacturer's instructions), the white chalk paint is then applied to all parts in a first coat.

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: your

A dark undercoat underlines the shabby look

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: build

Apply second coat in white

Step 8: Sand the paint in places

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: table

Sand more or less for the shabby look

For the Shabbylook is at the most plausible places (edges and other heavily used areas) some of the white paint sanded with very fine sandpaper. The attached Antique Gray shades through at these spots, creating the Shabby Chick effect. Depending on the taste, the bevel can only be light or strong.

Step 9: Prepare, fit and glue letters

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: instructions

Glue in letters again
  1. Since our wood type prints come from a printing company, they are scrubbed thoroughly and dried to be clean and free of grease.
  2. On the bottom of the cutout, we now distribute a thin layer of wood glue with the toothed spatula and on all outer edges down with a brush.
  3. Now all letters are placed and glued in accordance with our photo (from step 3).
  4. Now we cover it all with a plate and complain it until it has dried well.

Step 10: Seal the coffee table with wax all around

The finish with Shabby wax or another colorless furniture wax provides a kind of sealing, which makes the surface a little less sensitive and at the same time optically even better. We use a cotton cloth to apply and a soft, unused shoe brush for a kind of first polish. Then again with a soft cloth over it and the piece of jewelry is ready.

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: table

Instructions: Build your own table in Chabby-Chic: table

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