Help to buy clinker bricks

Clinker bricks are always more or less priced in a comparable frame. But there are ways to save on the purchase of clinker bricks. What are they and what to look for, read here.

Clinker buy cheap

Apart from some special offers from eBay dealers or special offers, you will almost always find clinker bricks at about the same price per square meter, by far the most clinker in a very narrow price range between around 20 and 30 euros per square meter.

One way to buy clinker cheaper is to pay special attention to special and remaining items - but it is not always guaranteed that you can actually get the color you want for your house. But it is always cheaper.

Help to buy clinker bricks: special

Alternative: KS Verblender

Limestone bricks are also comparable to clinker - but sometimes much cheaper. They can be a good alternative when it comes to costs. In terms of durability and durability, they are even superior to conventional clinker in some respects.

Buy used clinker

Another way to get low on clinker is to buy it needed. Used clinker bricks are often still perfectly preserved, and are therefore sometimes "second-hand" when a building is demolished. If the amount is sufficient, and the color scheme suits you, you will get so cheap on clinker bricks. It's best to look for ads on the web or post a search query in the forums.

Prices of selected suppliers (as of 2013)

KS clinker
KS Verblender 4 DFraiss-leutersdorf.de1,350 EUR / 1,000 pieces
KS Verblender 2 DFraiss-leutersdorf.de640 EUR / 1,000 pieces
Clinker (classic)
Hand-shaped facing brick, brick red (toettlersteindesign)38.78 EUR / m²
Handform veneer WDF bronze (toettlersteindesign)24.57 EUR / m²

Always take a look yourself

Whether you want to buy special offers or buy used clinker - taking the stones for yourself is important, so that you can see whether the quality and the color scheme really meet your needs. Often, this is not enough to judge from pictures alone.

Tips & Tricks

Your house will get a special look, if you "second-use" original, antique clinker. Sometimes this is also a third or fourth use, in the longevity, the clinker usually have. In any case, you will get such a distinctive, not everyday look, which can certainly have their charm.

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