No water at the angle valve

If there is no water at the angle valve, this can have different causes. Here you can read the typical causes. In addition, you will learn how you can possibly fix this yourself, if at the angle valve no water comes.

Every household has many angle valves

In house or apartment there are a variety of water connections. In most cases, an angle valve is attached to each individual water connection in the building:

  • Kitchen (mixer tap, water tap, dishwasher)
  • Bathroom (toilet flush, washing machine, other water extraction components)
  • Laundry room and toilet

The task of an angle valve

In order to allow easy installation of sanitary components, an angle valve is mounted between the water supply line and the component to be connected. This angle valve has two functions. On the one hand, a uniform connection for the various components should be possible.

On the other hand, the water should be easy to turn off, if no device is connected or if, for example, a faucet to be mounted in the kitchen or another connection. Less important is the possibility of being able to determine the flow rate of water by means of the rotary handle on the angle valve.

So there are angle valves in every household. Mostly they are not paid much attention. A typical incident occurs when there is no more water at the angle valve. Then you must first check other components.

If there is no water at the angle valve, check several components

First, make sure that the main water tap is turned up. Then it can also be that the connected device has a defect or a certain function is activated. This can often be the case with washing machines and dishwashers. Uninstall the water connection and check if water flows.

Clogged corner valve make it workable again

Not infrequently, however, the angle valve is defective. Most of these are installed over many years. Especially with a supply of hard, calcareous water, it can quickly happen that no water comes from the angle valve. Tap on the valve and press the twist grip to close the valve. Proceed in the same way as a control valve on radiators is made feasible again.

Tips & Tricks

If it turns out that the valve is defective and the damage can not be repaired, you will find instructions for replacing the angle valve here.

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